How to Calculate the Value of A Link

Link building is still part and partial of successful search engine optimization, because back-link provide is still one of the most valued metrics Google and other search engine use to rank websites.

There are lots of ways to get backlinks

  • Submitting articles to quality article directories
  • Writing guest post articles for blogs in your niche
  • Creative ways of contacting webmasters and offering them to link to your content instead of outdated content they are currently linking to.
  • Link purchase. Yes, SEOs still take their risks by paying for dofollow links

Usually, link building is an extremely painful process that takes much time of SEOs and writers, while as quality websites is not something that usually happens. You as an SEO pro, person who must make reasonable investments should be able to analyze the website and the potential power of the link from it for your particular website.

It this articles I will share some ideas on who to estimate how quality the website is and if it is worth the effort s you need to put to get a link from… let’s call it ‘donor’.

Donor’s link profile.

Well, this is quite simple. The more website link to the donor website the better and if they are quality that is double better. Here it should be noted that you should take into consideration not the number of links pointing to the website but the number of domains, because one website can link as many times as there are pages if the link is site-wide.

Domain authority

Domain authority is the metrics developed by SEOmoz which estimates approximate domain authority depending on the number of links and their quality. The quality of the donor’s back-links is estimated by analyzing the authority of the links pointing to the website that link to donor’s website. It sounds complicated which is in fact pretty simple.


Google Trust is still used by lots of webmasters and SEOs to estimate the link quality which is a bit outdated and not correct because of two reasons:

Its updated too seldom to be trusted
It doesn’t speak about website’s authority well enough. Trust is what make the link powerful not PageRank
Solution: I would suggest checking two metrics (Domain authority and Trust Flow) together. Personally I have see lots of website with high PR but poor link profile and few pages in Google’s index.

Analyze the website activity
There are three things that you can check up:

Make sure the website is updated regularly, at least once a week and the content there is fresh, not copy and pasted.

Analyze their external linking strategy. If you see the website is selling lots of irrelevant links and most of them are with a keyword rich anchor text, then most likely this website is on its way to penalty. You’d better find another website instead

Try to find out what the website was built for. It is always better to avoid websites that were built for selling links only. As a rule, the websites of such sites care only about money only. The good idea is too check when the domain expires. Even though it doesn’t give you any guarantees the website will be online next two month, at least this is something you can do to minimize the risks.
I hope this article was really helpful. Happy link building!

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