The Top SEO Practices for Online Casinos and Similar Gaming Portals 

Modern online gaming portals such as JackpotCity Casino need to remain one step ahead of the competition if they hope to continue to appeal to an ever-increasing audience base. While there is no doubt that the games themselves and innovative flash technology are both important aspects, the role of search engine optimisation (SEO) cannot be overstated. Let us take a look at some central points to keep in mind as well as why keywords alone are no longer sufficient.

The Notion of Organic Search Results

Let us imagine for a moment that a casino has recently revamped its awards programme and an announcement has been posted online. It is important that this advertisement is seen by as many viewers as possible. This is when organic search results colme into play. Also known as “natural results”, these are essentially hyperlinks which will take the individual directly to the page in question. Ranking high within organic listings will provide a website with greater overall exposure.

All About Quality Content

Google has recently employed a number of algorithms which favour unique and targeted material. Additionally, more is not better in this sense. Content which delivers quality information for the reader is more likely to be viewed positively by major search engines. In relation to the casino industry, this can include news about the latest digital games, betting advice and wagering strategies. Not only will this reflect positively upon the website in terms of SEO, but readers are likely to be more interested in what the portal has to offer; increasing conversion rates and online rankings as a whole.

More Than Keywords Alone

Many articles rightfully stress the importance of embedding the most relevant keywords within high-quality content. While this is naturally true, we also need to address other on-page SEO techniques which are just as important. The use of the correct HTML tags is a perfect example. These tags are essentially “signals” that tell Google what the content is about. Meta titles, meta descriptions and paragraph headers all fall into this category. Think of such tags as offering a behind-the-scenes SEO “road map”. The only problem is that many website owners are unaware of when each should be used. This is why it could be a good idea to work in conjunction with a coding specialist in order to fully appreciate their importance.

SEO for 2019 and Beyond

The main takeaway point from this article is that the SEO techniques employed a handful of years ago might not necessarily be relevant within today’s ever-changing marketplace. This is partially reflected in the fact that Google tends to roll out updates on a regular basis. It therefore pays to stay one step ahead of the curve. All of the strategies mentioned above are intended to increase the number of inbound hits to a specific page and to enable a website to list higher within major search engines. Of course, adaptation is still necessary so that any future modifications can be anticipated within a timely fashion. There is indeed nothing “permanent” about the world of search engine optimisation. 

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