What Are Best Fruits for Fat Loss and Easy Weight Loss ?

Fruits are a great source of nutrients and antioxidants and also, they taste good. There are a variety of fruits that are available in the market, but a few of them can be a boon for your weight loss journey. All of the fruits discussed below are easily available and facilitate weight loss in a flavor full manner. They help in curbing the desire of snacking while providing the nutrition necessary for a healthy body.

1. Apples

There’s an old saying,” An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The saying is based on the nutritional properties of apples that promote your health. Apples are a rich source of Vitamin A, fibers and water content. The fiber filled apple helps you in curbing the desire for snacks in between the meals and if eaten before a meal, it allows you to be satisfied in spite of eating less food. It’s an ideal snack as it doesn’t have fat or sodium and it has lower calorie levels, a mere 72 calorie in a mid-sized apple. The benefits of apple, include balancing the sugar levels, improve heart health and energy levels, and reducing the potential for cancer. The advantages of apples are endless, they can be easily carried as a snack and can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways

2. Orange

This tangy fruit is a great source of nutrients and water content, but low in calories. A 100gm of oranges will provide only 47 calories, thereby allowing you to fill your belly without putting on additional weight. The negative calorie food is great for a weight loss diet plan. A negative calorie food is a food that contains calories that are less than the calories used by the body to digest or burn it. Oranges being a negative calorie fruit facilitate your weight loss goals.

3. Avocado

The addition of Avocado to your food helps you in feeling satisfied and feeling a need to eat more. According to a study, inclusion of Avocados to a meal decreases the desire of snacking between meals by 40%. This fact alone makes it a great weight loss fruit, but there’s more. The avocado contains Omega 9 fatty acids. These helps in enhancing the rate of metabolism, allowing a higher rate of fat getting burned and a greater availability of energy. All these factors club together to make it one of the best fruits for losing weight.

4. Watermelons

A weight loss program requires two basic things higher water intake and a low-calorie consumption. This makes watermelons ideal for a person looking to lose weight. It has low levels of calories and high water content. When you have a glass full of its juice, you only get 50 calories from it. Consumption of watermelon helps you feel satiated, while keeping your body hydrated. Watermelon is also a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, it also contains lycopene that’s a plant chemical that has properties that reduce the potential for cancer and heart diseases.

5. Berries

A member of berry family will have low calories, making them ideal for losing weight. Whether you eat blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or cranberries, you will consume lower levels of carbohydrates, but gain benefits like the bowel cleansing and detoxification. The berries are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fibers. They satiate the natural craving of sweets like sugar without adding unneeded calories. They also slow the rate of absorption and digestion of fructose. They are also known to have fat burning, metabolism enhancing, and cholesterol, insulin resistance, and hypertension reducing properties.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruits are also considered as negative calorie fruits, making them a great addition to your weight loss journey. They are enriched in water content, Vitamin C, Potassium, protein and folic acid. They also contain fat burning enzymes, making them ideal for losing weight.  

7. Pomegranate

These are enriched in fibers, water content, and antioxidants, thus they are a worthy addition to your weight loss program. They also contain low levels of calories, thereby allowing you to feel satiated after eating them without worrying about hampering your weight loss efforts.

8. Banana

Bananas are best when they are consumed raw in a slightly green state. It not only provides sufficient energy, but also enhances the metabolism. A banana in itself will fill you up without the need of consuming additional food. A banana after a workout is better than an energy bar in boosting your energy levels. It also helps in regulating the blood pressure as well as preventing muscles from cramping.

9. Pear

Pears contain high levels of fibers, especially the fiber Pectin that suppresses appetite. The Pear being full of fibers not only allows you to eat less but feel satiated as well, thereby curbing the need of snacking between meals. Their fiber richness also helps in an enhanced absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat. They also help in reducing the cholesterol levels, thus helping the risk of heart ailments.

10. Pineapple

is known as the “natural weight loss food” due to its properties that help in losing weight. contains high levels of fiber and Vitamin C while it’s low in calories and contains no fat. It also has a high water content that’s necessary for a weight loss fruit. Pineapple is known to contain bromelain, an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s known to improve digestion, the elasticity of skin and muscle strength.

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