Best Beer Fridges (Top 10 Reviews) Beer Coolers to Buy

A beer refrigerator is simply a refrigerator with only one purpose. To store and chill your beer! The advantages of storing and chilling your beer in a beer refrigerator versus your ordinary refrigerator are plentiful. A beer refrigerator can also be referred to as a: beer cooler, beer chiller or just the shorter version, beer fridge. I will use them all on this site for the sake of variation.

Beer bottle refrigerator

Usually beer storage capacity are specified in beer cans. But all types of refrigerators, except the really small, can be used as a beer bottle refrigerator. You just put the beer bottle on the side. A common practice is to arrange the shelfs so that you store beer cans in one place and beer bottles in another.

Beverage refrigerator

Obviously you could also call it a beverage refrigerator. You are not forced to use it for beer only, you can also put sodas in the refrigerator. But that’s not really the purpose, what’s fun with that? And even if the company don’t explicitly tell you it’s a beer refrigerator, that’s what it was designed for.

What are the advantages with a beer refrigerator?

As I previously mentioned there are many advantages with a beer cooler versus your main refrigerator. I will divide the advantages in two categories, the pure feeling and appearance and the more technical and objective aspects.


As you probably understand now there are several big advantages with a beer refrigerator versus beer storage in your kitchen fridge. A beer cooler can really lift a whole room with its mere presence. Depending on the type of beer you drink, you can adjust the temperature to get it just perfect.

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