5 Basic Rules Every Blogger Should Follow

Let me speak about a blog’s design here. Certainly, content is a king, and the majority of bloggers worry about the content first of all. Being a blogger myself, I saw many blogs. Even too many, I think. And unfortunately, only a few of them were really pleasant to my eyes. I looked at them as a reader, not a pro blogger first of all, and then tried to understand what was wrong to them. Interesting content and regular updates were present, but still…. Bingo! The problem was with a design.

A big number of bloggers use simple templates for their websites. It’s not bad of course, as some of these templates are really great, stylish, and user-friendly. But they don’t make your blog unique. And if there are a hundred of blogs on the Web that look the same with your own blog, this fact will not make your website special.

If you want your blog be recognizable and really good-looking, you should follow 5 design rules at least. Well, I’ll probably devote my next essay writing to this problem, but here I will explain them briefly for you to remember.

Blog Font

In case you’ve forgotten this fact, I remind you that your blog is not a book or a newspaper, that is why 10-12 points Times New Roman is not always a perfect variant for it. It’s never perfect actually! Readability service will thank you of course, because it was designed because of the websites which texts were difficult for visitors to read. As you know, it provides a larger font and narrower columns for texts to make them more readable.

So, don’t be afraid to use bigger fonts for your blog. It may look really nice and unusual, and your visitors will thank you for that.

Blog Color

Did you meet a blog on the Web that had a green background and a yellow text? I don’t remember its name (fortunately), but it looked really awful, guys! I bet it doesn’t have many readers, because it’s impossible to read it actually. So, always think of your blog colors.

Make them clean! A white background and a black text on it is always the best variant. You may use 1-2 additional colors to make an accent on particular areas of your blog and make it look unique. It’s very simple: keep your blog clear, and don’t frustrate your readers with muddy colors.

Blog Navigation

It’s clear that your blog has a navigation menu. Where did you put it? Please, don’t say that it’s not at the top of the blog, because this is the perfect and right place for it actually. Put it horizontally below your blog’s logo, because it’s the first thing your reader will see when he comes to your website.

This area is the easiest one to access. Moreover, most users expect to see a navigation at this place exactly. So, make it easier for them, don’t let them spend much time and efforts on searching for your content.

Blog Sidebar

Many arguments still can be met as for a place your sidebar should take. Some experts say it should go on the left side of the page, but others insist that it should be placed on right. But though these debates are being continued, simple logic helps us understand that a right hand sidebar would be more convenient to place. Why?

All people (well, the majority of them at least) read from left to right. And if a sidebar is on the left, it will distract them from finding a right line to continue reading. As you see, it’s simple. Put your sidebar to the right, if you make an accent on your blog’s content, and it will be more comfortable for your readers to perceive it.

Blog Images

No blog is impossible to imagine without images. And people like images! To avoid all those problems with copyrights, you can simply use free stock markets, such as Stock.XCHNG for example. Make your blog brighter, but don’t go TOO far, otherwise your blog will turn into scrap-heap.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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