An Interview with Anshul Sharma, CEO – Fluper Ltd.

In this interview, Anshul tells us about how he started hi own business, the challenges he’s faced along the way, and the tips he has for anyone looking to create their own app. As you might have guessed, simply creating a great app isn’t good enough alone to be successful.

Anshul Sharma, talks why he thinks it’s been successful, and what the product’s most successful marketing strategy has been so far.

1. Hi Anshul, Please introduce yourself to our audience

My name is Anshul Sharma, the Co-Founder & CEO of Fluper – No. #1 Mobile App Development Agency. My interest in technology grew from the day when I was in college. I used to play with electronic equipment and gadgets and when I realized that the technologies are gradually changing the lives of people, I started my research and got to learn lots of things. I used to write about technical stuff and helped programmers to solve complex issues in their projects. Then I started working in some great organizations that helped me to become a master and a creative leader. Once I got to know that I have sufficient information and skills, I started a skyrocket venture that is known as Fluper – an Award-winning company.   

2. Can you please talk about the journey of Fluper

Of course, we started with 4 people initially. I and my 3 colleagues who were too much interested in technology. In the beginning, we started as a blog that helps engineers and developers to solve their errors and bugs in the programming. Then I saw, mobile applications like Android and IOS are leading in the market and slowly it will drive the world of innovations. We started off at first in 2015 but by 2013, we had achieved 100+ mobile and web app projects as well as a heavy workflow. 

3. What are the services you offer to your clients

Being a multi-domain app development company, we offer Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, iPad App Development, Wearable App Development, Game Development, AR/VR App Development Solution with the most recent technology and integrated tools. 

4. What is your Fluper’s business model

We have an in-house team. We have a team of skilled and experienced mobile app developers, technology enthusiasts, business analysts, quality analysts and creative designers who are focused on delivering awesome and realistic products to our potential clients. We have allocated project coordinators to monitor each phase of the project in order to streamline the entire mobile app journey.

5. How do you help your clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for mobile application development

In the first phase, we analyze and understand the goals they want to accomplish. Once they shared their idea with us, we organize the best strategies that can help our clients to grow their business productivity. Our dedicated experts examine their target users and the amount of traffic they expect. Also, our experts will help them and show them an approach they need their app to work. All the things are based on the essential feedback and inputs, which we aid to create their app according to the business need. 

6. What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a mobile application

The cost of app development depends on the scope, functions and features of a mobile application. Aside from, it rotates around efforts, complexities, selection amid native versus architecture, hybrid, APIs, screen direction, app security, post-maintenance, real-time updates, etc. Another component is the app concept of the customer and their demand to get the mobile app built. This approach and the aforesaid elements with the assistance of all-inclusive research aid us to decide the cost of a mobile app.

7. Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry

Since the establishment, our main objective has been building Mobile Apps and in the future as well we are looking to grooming ourselves a lot. This will be done by analyzing the future extent and bring additional updates as per to the on-demand wealth. We want to ensure that no stones have left unturned by us in the industry of Mobile App Development.

8. What latest technologies and tools you implement for mobile app development

We use, the most recent, tools and technologies to create an app. For example, Node.JS, Native, Hybrid, CakePHP, Angular, Swift, Java, PHP, Mean-Stack, Python, Blockchain and a lot more. We have a skilled team that has years of experience in delivering a custom application to clients all over the world. 

9. What do you think will be the future of Mobile technology

Here at Fluper, our main goal is to ‘Never Compromise with the Quality’. We choose solutions and strategies that are secure, efficient, and result-driven. We do follow the existing trend related to the tools and software used for technologies and offer services that are robust, stable, and scalable to our customers globally.

10. The secret to building a profitable mobile app development agency

As a multinational organization, we consider deciding the cost of the mobile app is the complexity of functions to be created. The Platform to be included (Android, iOS, SmartTV, Web), Backend development, Complexity involved, Custom UI Design, Nature of the application (Hybrid or Native) as well as third-party integrations. We employ best practices that let clients project to become a top notch brand in an affordable budget that can be easily fit in their pocket. 

Thanks Anshul, I appreciate your time today!

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