Youtube is the second largest web crawler after Google in the world. Over 5 million people watch video on the youtube Per day. Mostly Seo expert use youtube to drive traffic to their website because of less competitive than google and other source. In fact Google also love Youtube Video and give space in their organic Listing and give boom to the related website in Search Results. Because of this advantage it is essential to do the discussion on this topic.

There are a lot of tools by which you can optimize your Youtube Channel and can drive traffic to your website. Lets take a look 7 most important from them.

  1. To rank a video, tag are the most important part of it. By posting write tag in your video, it increases the chances of showing your video in “Related” or in video suggestion. By the help of VidiqTool you can make a list of tag which help your video in discovery of sidebar.
  2. Keyword Tool: To make a good video is a tough job. But it is more difficult to promote a video after making it. In this way you need to take help of some tools which can tell you the right search term for a topic. So that your work can be easy. Keyword tool tell you right search term for a particular topic. Keyword Tool alternative is the Google Display Planer. To use it you need Google Adword Account. And Its is paid.
  3. Bird song Analytics: To analysis your competitor you need to first know that on what strategy your competitor is working. Bird Swing analytics give you your competitor analytics. You just need to enter your competitor name and Bird swing analytics give you all the data related to your competitor. Some of these are
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Best time to upload your video.

Best time to get liked on video.

Best days to upload the video in week.

Best time To get comment on the video

Best tag Used in it.

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How long duration of video is viewed by user.

  1. YouTube Search Auto-Suggest: You tube give you a option to auto complete the keyword you are searching for. When you type a word related to your query on youtube search it will give you an option to auto compete your search term. It is the best way to find related long tail keyword related to your video. Hence use these keyword in your title, description and tag, you will find amazing results.
  2. Canva : Utilizing the custom measurements in Canva, you can make banner without more efforts. Attractive Thumbnail will give your video more clicks and views. So start to learn using canva.
  3. Drumup: drumup helps you to manage your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and linkdin. The best feature of it is that you can add many twitter facebook and linkdin accounts. You Just need to authenticate your social media accounts with Drumup and can take all the data related to your you tube account. What is the Click through rate and and also see the preview of post.
  4. Cyfe: Cyfe is a premium as well as Free tool to know your youtube as well as your video performance. Cyfe gives a full report about traffic source, how may minute viewed your video, audience retention and audience engagement. digital marketing company in faridabad
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After having written so much we can say that by putting a write proportion of everything will give you a right mix and right destination.

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