What is seo and why you need it?

Online business is the similar to offline shops and tradition business in many ways. The more people visit your store, you will sell more products or services. Similarly, the more people visit your website, the more you will get business. There are many types of businesses and services people offers via the website platform where they represent the product or services they provide and convert the visitors into customers. However, this all thing start with traffic on your webpage or website. If no one visits your site, who will buy? Hence, the basic need of online business presence is the traffic. You will need a good amount of traffic and then you can offer your services to them.

Now, in the market, there are many ways to drive the traffic to your website. Some methods will cost you and some are free. PPC, paid ads, promotional posts etc are paid way to get traffic to your site/landing page. SEO, social media, influencer marketing etc are some of the freeways to get the traffic.

Let’s get some basic idea about the search engine first. More than 80% online sale starts with a search query on search engines. Google is very famous and widely used a search engine all around the world and people search literally everything on Google for a solution. Another point here is, most of the people who perform a query on the Google never go to the second page. Mostly they get an answer by browsing first two or three links and or they change the query. That’s why sites ranking on the first page will get the most traffic.

You can rank on the first page by two way. One is PPC and another is SEO. PPC will cost you some amount per visitor to your website and SEO is the technique to rank your webpage on Google search results when people search particular term or phrase.

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If your site or webpage is ranking for certain keyword, you do not need to pay for ads and you will get huge traffic as per the search volume.

The question here is how to rank on the first page? This is the place where SEO comes into the role.  By implementing some SEO techniques, you can rank your website on the first page and then you can enjoy the free traffic from search engine without spending a single penny on ads.

If you are not spending on SEO, take a look at your competitors, I bet they are already invested in SEO and getting good results.

So now I assume, you got the idea what is SEO and why you need it, right?  Let’s move to the next point.

How to do SEO? Where to start?

Search engine optimization – in simple term is, make your site suitable for visitors as well as the search engine. So they (search engine) reward you with higher rankings.

The first question is where to start. You can start reading online how you can implement basic SEO for your website that is by implementing some quick tips and tools like Google search console and Google analytics. Here, thing is that you can’t stop doing your business and start learning SEO, of course, no one will do that. Learning SEO is not that easy and implementing and testing everything what working and what not takes time. Instead, you can give this work to the one who is doing for a long time and have expertise on it.

If you think you can do it by your hands and want to invest time and money first learning the whole thing and then implementing it on your own site, this will take a long time which obviously you do not want. And then no surety if you will get results.

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In another option, you can hire an expert for this work. Search engine optimizers know how stuff works exactly and have long experience in the same field, updated with latest trends. And the best thing about hiring an SEO consultant or digital marketing company is that you not need an in-house SEO optimizer. He/she can deliver the results from anywhere with the same accuracy. You can hire someone on freelancing sites or even you can get a full SEO team to work on your project. It depends on your project size and your budget.

If SEO is the only marketing tactic you are using for getting traffic and customer from your website, you should invest more and or you can balance it with a freelancer team with PPC ads and other efforts.

SEO is a long time investment and it surely rewards back with high ROI but you need to keep some patients.

Why is it beneficial to hire an SEO expert?

Quickly results:

You will start seeing the results with traffic growth and conversions when working with SEO consultant instead of doing things by self. It will take a long time to learn SEO as I said already, where the SEO expert can start making things correct with the work experience that likely to bring positive results in less time.

Avoid beginner’s mistakes:

Since there is lots of information out there on the internet, sometime you will get confused or will take thing the wrong way and commit mistakes in starting phase. This will take a long time to detect and correct and it affects negatively. While hiring SEO expert, you do not need to worry about this type of mistakes.

Avoid penalties:

To prevent spam and provide better results to user’s query, Google periodically releases algorithm updates and penalize the sites who violet the Google policies. Google penalties are difficult to resolve and it will almost kill your web presence if you even get caught into. If you are new to SEO, you will not have that much idea about different penalties and you may make some mistake that cost you big. Another thing is that Google updates algorithms too frequent with some major changes that are difficult for you to keep up with. SEO experts who do this work daily have a better idea on Google updates and how to react when any update released which is better for your business.

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Proper utilization of methods and tools:

There are some tools that used by SEO experts to get things done speedily following some methods for optimization. SEO tools cost high, if you don’t know how to utilize it in the proper way, you will end up wasting money without any outcomes.

You can hire SEO consultant for better utilization of resources and budget allocated to the SEO. You can focus on your business in which you are better by not doing SEO by yourself which can bring a more positive result for your business.


SEO is one of the best ways to achieve new heights in online business. Either you are selling products directly or providing any services, targeted traffic is the basic need for conversions. SEO let you save a big amount that you need to spend on ads for the same results.

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