Google is changing its algorithm frequently to improve the search results. We can consider recent update as the panda, penguin and hummingbird algorithms. So White Hat SEO is the only way to go if you want to maintain your online presence in search engine. Doing White Hat SEO also means that search engine will also like your website and rank them high in search results. White Hat SEO is a collection of techniques by which one can rank high in search engine. There are many Techniques available in White Hat SEO. These White Hat SEO Techniques can be listed as below:

  1. Quality Content
  2. Titles and MetaData
  3. Keyword Research and efficient use of Keywords
  4. Quality inbound links
  5. Optimization of HTML code

1 Quality Content

We have heard this phrase: “Content is King.” This is true. Search engine loves quality content. If your content is good, then the chances of your website to be rank well are high. The content of a website should be human targeted not search engine targeted. The search engine wants to serve the best content to its user. So if your content is best then defiantly it will rank higher in the search engine. Consider the following example:

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Suppose we are an end user and we want to buy a good computer online. So we go to our favourite search engine and write the phrase “good computer.” Now consider the search engine will return the following two websites only.

Website 1: in this website there is only one page in which there are some images and a small description about the computer and address of the shop is given.

Website 2: in this site, there are also images of the computer with its description are given. It also includes the related computer and its description and location of the shop.

So what do you think which website will rank high in the search engine? The answer is but obvious. So quality content is the must for any website to rank high.

2 Titles and Meta

The title of the page should be relevant to the content. Titles and Metadata contains a significant part in the past but due to some Black Hat SEO techniques, the search engine is giving less importance to Metadata. But we cannot ignore its importance. Meta tags are always used for the SEO and Description purpose. So we should use proper Meta tags in our website to apply White Hat SEO correctly.

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3 Keyword research and effective use of keywords

Keyword research is very essential in White Hat SEO. You should search keyword before you write any content into the website. You should search keyword by thinking of your targeted audience. First you should think that which are the keywords by which people will search your site. You should find at least 3-4 keywords per page. There is no restriction on the length of the keyword. You can use long trial keywords also. Now a day, long tail keywords are becoming more and more popular. After finding proper keywords, you should use those keywords in your content. There are many tools available to find keywords. You can use those tools to identify the keywords.

4 Quality inbound links

Inbound bound links are those links which are coming from the 3rd party websites. In other words, you can say that the links which are coming from external websites are known as inbound link. You should put quality inbound links to your web page to rank high. You should use those sites which are relevant to your content and have high rank in search engine.

5 Optimization of HTML code

Code optimization plays a vital role in search engine rank. As we all know that each and every website’s front end is made is HTML. So if we optimize our code, we can win the love of search engine. There are many tags used in HTML. We can optimise <head>, <title>, <meta>, <a>, <link> etc tag to rank high.

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The above list of techniques is for those who want to invest time and efforts to rank high in search engine. If you use the above-listed methods, then there is high chance that you gain the attention of search engine. These methods are time-consuming methods, but once you learn all these methods, it is easy to implement. We would like to know your methods and views on White Hat SEO. You can give your opinion by comments.

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