6 Things to Check If Your Website Traffic Suddenly Dropped

No business, no person is immune to the drop in a website’s traffic. The causes for such a drop may be overlooked but it is still important to gather evidence for it. To avoid barking up the wrong tree, you need to investigate and figure out what the real issue is.

If your traffic just took a sudden nosedive, one of these reasons might be behind it. Let’s investigate the underlying issues for this sudden drop.

Online presence is the most important factor for any business. Traffic is the element which provides sales as well as more business opportunities. If the people are visiting the website, it is highly likely that they might give a thought about trying a service or product. And when a company is using SEO Services for Internet Marketing, traffic drop tends to occur. Hence, a sudden drop in the website traffic can do all sorts of damages to a website.

Here are the Most common Reasons

1. Server Overload

Servers are meant to overload because of obvious reasons. Too many people visiting your website does bring more business opportunities, but it also gives something else- ‘server overload.’ It is important to optimize your website to make it powerful enough to deal with high traffic spikes.

2. Website Changes

Substantial changes to a website including migration or redesign can prove to be harmful to your digital marketing. Changes in design often impact the load time which is not seen well by search engines. It is crucial to use Google Analytics and see all traffic sources. With proper online marketing tools, you can easily start monitoring SERPs regularly.

3. Duplicate Content

Having too many pages is worth nothing if they don’t have meaningful content. Having incorrect or duplicate content in a page can lead to serious penalties. Additionally, if the visitors can access useful information regarding a website, the traffic increases. You should also pay attention to the word count and links ratio.

4. Google Algorithm Update

Google is rapidly evolving without even taking a break. It is constantly rolling tweaks which can lead to the decline in traffic. With new updates rolling, it is vital to make changes according to it. You cannot continue to use old-school ways to gain traffic with new restriction holding you back. Investigate the factors triggering your drop in traffic and figure out the way of proper Search Engine Marketing.

5. Information Architecture

Is your website structured properly? Is the link strategy pin-point? Is the design relevant to the content of the website? Make sure of all these factors as they can be the reason for the increase in your bounce rate. If visitors don’t find the architect (text & visuals) structured, they will definitely pogo stick back to another website.

6. Loss Of Backlinks

Backlinks are important to any website and they can easily affect the visibility as well as the traffic on a website. If you are losing your backlinks due to any reason, it will drastically affect your website and result in the drop in website traffic. It is important to learn about such issues or the SEO Services will be nothing but wastage of money.

One of these factors might be the reason for the drastic drop in your website traffic. Make sure consulting an expert as these are not the only reasons which affect a website. There is another bag of reasons which might be affecting your website traffic.

Survive the Traffic Drop

Traffic drop can be extremely dangerous for a business. They are not fun if left unaddressed and can eat up your online business like termites. Using the right tools and a systematic approach towards your traffic drop is vital. As soon as you start using tools to determine as well as eradicate traffic drop issues, your task for online marketing will speed up.

No matter if the traffic decline is sharp, slow or steady. No matter it dropped for a few days or beginning to recover on its own. Using Google Analytics is the best cavalry you can get. You can restore the glory of your website by using accurate analysis.


Search Engine Marketing is a risky business, everything depends on the virtual presence of your business. As long as you are taking good care of your online presence, your business will bear fruit. Make sure to keep track on any uncertainties which can affect your business negatively.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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