The internet today provides many opportunities for his users to make some money from blogging or just administrating some websites. Some methods for monetizing your blog , more exactly simple ways to monetize your blog :

Google AdSense : AdSense it’s the most popular way to get money from your blog. Adsense it’s a very simple way yo monetize your blog, but your readers may be irritated by those ads.

Buysellads: Currently BSA ads is one of most popular way to monetize your blog but blog approval is tough they recommend high traffic blog.

Yahoo Bing ads: This is a combine PPC ad network from yahoo and bing search engine. Brokering Service : is a very well known text link broker that connects advertisers with publishers who are paid to place text links on their site.

Offer Free Ads : To get things started, seek out competitive companies in your niche and give them free ads for a specific amount of time. This will get other companies interested in advertising with you.

Use Your Blog to Create a Mailing List: If you sell products, you can use your blog to generate a mailing list of people who are interested in buying from you. Subscribe bloggerbonus by email through feedburner.

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Sell individually advertising : You can sell ads on your blog , as I sell on my blog 125×125 ads . You can earn some nice money if you have a big amount of visitors.

E-Books: Whether it’s a compilation of your best tips or a new idea altogether, an e-book is a good, reader-friendly way to package content. E-books are also a good method to get some additional traffic , this is a new way to get traffic.

Publish a book of your blog and sell online: A number of popular bloggers have landed lucrative book deals.

CD-ROM with nice content :Create a CD-ROM “book” with cleanly organized content that can be accessed offline.You can also create a CD with a step-by-step tutorial that can learn the other persons how to create a business like yours.

Speaking : Your blog could make you know as an industry leader can land you speaking engagements at conferences and meetings.

Market your services : Your blog is a great way for marketing your services. Post about current promotions, new interests and other business-building information.

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Seminars or Workshops : As an expert you can invite your readers to visit you in person and you can tell them some great tips or some new ideas.

Consulting : If you are a great blogger, you probably have a lot of know ledges to share about mastering the blogosphere. Some other persons will be interested to pay you for consulting them.

Guest blogging : You can publish some paid guest post on your blog because content links are the most valuable links .If you have a high PR you can get some nice payments for posting guest posts.
Bloggers for Hire : You can get hired as a blogger for a corporate Web Site.

Blogads : Get invited to this exclusive network of bloggers, and you’ll have high-quality, relevant advertising on your blog.

Members-Only Section: Whether you’re providing access to published items or just ad-free content, make sure you’re delivering a product that your readers are willing to pay for.

PayPal Buttons : PayPal’s system allows to put on your blog a donation button.

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Paid Reviews : Paid reviews are a great source of money, you can get more that $$$ monthly .

Videos: Videos are value-added extras that readers may be willing to pay for.

Go Offline : Take your blog skill offline and get hired at a newspaper or magazine.

Interviews: Share your knowledge on a new medium and go on radio or TV interviews.

Create a Radio Station: If you are a good blogger with many readers , you can start a radio station and you can sell audio advertising.

Mini guides: If you’ve just run a particularly helpful series, package it up into a mini guide.

Phone Calls : Sell one-on-one phone calls for advice and other consulting through Internet (Skype).

White Papers: Like e-books, white papers are a smaller, more technical version of your content.


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