We collected a list of the Best vegan cooking blogs of 2018:

  1. Popularity
  2. Variety of Recipes
  3. Easy Preparation
  4. Drool Worthy Recipes

Minimalist Baker

The ever-popular site, Minimalist Baker, is a golden five-star spot for vegan recipes. From sauce to sips, to snacks and hearty meals, this blog has all the recipes you could dream (or drool) for. All the recipes on her site are meant to be simple, delicious and take only 30 minutes to prepare. Hello, recipe heaven.

The Edgy Veg

Edgy Veg is an “edgy” vegan YouTube channel. So for all you visual learners, this channel might be the right solution for you. They post a variety of recipes but make pretty simple to find the easy ones. Just look for the words “easy” in the video titles, there are a bunch.

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Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa will make you rich-a with love for vegan food. They have a wide variety of creative recipes. Desserts, appetizers, drinks and meals from every culinary palette. Many of their recipes are easy to make and you can sort through recipes based on time of day or style of cuisine. Also, they have 25 pumpkin recipes for Fall… ‘nough said.

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Pickles N’ Honey

This site has everything from frills to no-frills. You can start a beginner and advance straight into intermediate chef all on one tasty site. Example? They have simple chocolate chip cookie recipes AND boston cream pies, caprese sandwiches AND zucchini noodle lo mein. Inventive and for every level of chef.

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows actually has a category of recipes called “Quick & Easy.” Indian? American? Sugar-fan? Zero time? This category on their website can help you identify a variety of fast and simple vegan recipes. 8-minute Dal, 10-minute pasta, smoothie bowl, salad, soup—you are set.

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Cheap Lazy Vegan

The name says it all! From burgers and fries to korean barbeque, this YouTube channel has it all… and on the cheap. 10 mins, $2o. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Have fun on your journey into vegan cooking!

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