List of URL Shortener Sites Which Help You to Create Short URL

We are living in the world of 140 characters!!!Do not you think so? Yes, Twitter provide just 140 words twit. So as a webmaster, you need to grab your audience attention in just 140 words. This is very Hard. Don’t you think so? Yes, it is. But there are many Shortener sites which can help you a lot. Yes, by using these websites, you can grab your targeted audience in just 140 words or even less than that. In this post, I will teach you how this URL Shortener sites work and how you can get Short URL for your websites. Are you ready for the exciting ride? Let’s go.

The URL Shortener websites are those sites which are used to create a short URL for your site. There are many URL Shortener Websites are available by which you can create your short URL. The various URL Shortener Websites are:

  3. Tiny URL

Benefits of Short URL:

  1. It makes your URL more manageable

To understand above point let’s take an example. Just look at the following two URLs. Which one do you think is more manageable?

  1. You can track and compile click data

By short URL, you can easily track your website’s analytics. You can track visitor’s activity on your site. You can also track from where your visitors are coming from, which product they like most when they come. By tracking all this activity, you can make a plan to attract your targeted visitor. This way you can grow your business.

  1. You can share easily

This is the primary benefit of short URL. Long URL is hard to share on social platforms. Even some social media like Twitter do not allow any twit beyond 140 characters. So you need to keep your URL as short as possible. Suppose you want to mail someone, then again short URL is very helpful.

  1. It looks professional

Professionalism is one of the major parameters in success. If you are running a large online business, then you need to have your short URLs. This will add more values to your professionalism.

There are many popular companies which are also using URL Shortner. Google is using as its short URL. Facebook is also using short URL as

Ways to Create Short URL:

So now it’s time to create short URL for your website. As mentioned earlier, there are many URL shortening websites you can use to create Short URL. Let’s try them one by one.


This is the best way to create short URL for your website. This service is provided by Google. To create shortened URL, you just need to enter your long URL, and it will return your short URL within some seconds. We are highly recommending you to use this way because this is given by Google. So it is very reliable.

If you are creating short URL while you are logged into your Google account, then you can see the history of all previous URL. Even you can trace the amount of clicking your all previous URLs got, the referrer of your link, all the profile of visitor. So you should try this way to create short URL for your website.

You can create your short URL from here.


This is widely used URL shortener service for Twitter. We have seen many of the tweets in this format. This is one of the best services to short your URL. To create short URL using this service, you just need to press Shorten button. In few seconds, you will get your short URL. You can keep track of your visitor by this method also. If you are having an account, then you can check details of your visitors.

You can create your short URL from here.

  1. Tiny URL

This is the oldest way to create short URL. This is a great way to create short URL for you. You even can customize your URL as per your choice. In this method, you cannot track the details of the user. But still this method is worth to try. With the toolbar of tiny URL, you can create short URL with just a single click.

You can create your short URL from here.


The main benefit of this service is its shortness. This is very short URL. This thing put ahead of all its competitors in the game of short URL. You cannot customize it as per your choice. You also cannot trace your URL in this method. So these two main important features are not provided by So if you just want your URL short, nothing else, you can go with this way.

You can create your short URL from here.


This site creates the shortest URL in the world. The main benefit of this site is the short URL created by this site never expires. You should give a try to create world’s shortest URL for your website. You can share your short URL on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can create your short URL from here.

So as of now you have a clear idea about the importance of Short URL and different method to create shortener URL. There are other methods also available to create short URL. But the above-listed methods are popular methods. You can use any of the methods to create short URL for you. Remember you should have short URL for your website because it looks professional. If you have your shortened URL, feel free to comment below. If you find this post helpful, do share it on social media.

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