10 Upwork Alternatives That Will Help Grow Your Business

Upwork, formally oDesk is a great platform where employees meet with employers. It is one of the largest marketplaces that deal with almost all kinds of freelancing job opportunities.

You can find such jobs in oDesk, Software development, web and graphic design, data entry, SEO writing, Academic writing, article writing and so on.

However, if you have been there as a freelancer, you can affirm how difficult it is for newbies to get hired even if it is a $5 job. Upwork success majorly depends on your profile; you should have a fully completed profile and good reviews for you to attract more client and get more jobs.

The major issue is getting those reviews if no one is willing to give you any job as a newbie.

If you are a newbie into the freelancing world, use this freelancing guide. It will act as your starter pack.

Maybe you have tried your best and your freelancing career is not bearing any fruits at Upwork. You don’t have to stick there, there are several alternatives.

I also had the same issue of not getting clients despite completing my profile and doing several tests and writing thousands of cover letters.

I did some research on some Upwork alternatives, they work pretty similar and have almost same job categories, but getting hired is not as hectic as Upwork.

Try them one by one since signing up is free, maybe you can get yourself a contract that can change your freelance career.

Here we go…

1. Freelancer.com

This is another market that was established before Upwork.

It was founded in 2009 and contains jobs of different categories. Freelancer.com has over 15 million registered users, and over 8 million completed projects. Employers post their jobs while freelancers find them and quote their charges to have the projects done.

Freelancer.com charges 10% of the freelancer earnings. However, the percentage could be reduced to 5% with a monthly membership fee. There are several job categories that you can choose from as a freelancer.com, web design, writing, marketing, engineering, outsourcing and translation among others.

2. Fiverr

This is another great marketplace. Their tasks are referred to as Gigs, and every gig is done at $5, thus the name Fiverr. If you have skills in logo design, transcription, translation, photography, proofreading, email marketer or good in blog posts, you can try your luck at Fiverr.

There are thousands of jobs posting at Fiverr each day.

If you are good at micro jobs and Upwork is not providing solutions to your career; then Fiverr is a good alternative for you.

3. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is another great Upwork alternative that works pretty similar to Upwork.

Freelancers are connected to employers from all over the world. Poeopleperhour enables freelancers to work with employers remotely while saving on management overhead.

There are different job categories here if you are a writer, web designer, translator, architect or interior designer, marketer and so forth, just try your luck here.

4. iFreelance

This is another marketplace offering you an opportunity as a freelancer to meet employers. iFreelance asks for a membership fee in three levels; basic, silver and gold levels.

A freelancer in gold level is paid more than a basic level freelancer. If you have experience in writing, data entry, web, and graphic design, etc. iFreelance is a convenient place for you to sell your skills. If you have desires to be a virtual assistant, you can learn how to become a virtual assistant and make money at iFreelance.

5. 99designs

99desigsn is a marketplace for designers. If you have skills in logo designing and branding, mobile app, web, and stationery design, just sign up with them and meet with millions of employers who need your services.

The customer gives you the specifications and the budget, freelancers then compete by submitting their design for the project where the customer picks the best and makes the payment.

Although the competition might be a bit stiff for designers, it is to your advantage, it will help you provide quality work and build up your portfolio.

6. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a virtual marketplace that provides logo, website graphic, and print design jobs.

A great Upwork alternative where employees are connected to designers, and if your skills are top notch in these categories, then you should start earning with them right away.

It is pretty similar to 99designs. The difference is that in DesignCrowd, an employer has to guarantee that he will pay the winner.

There you have it, freelancers, if you have what it takes to provide quality work in any of the job categories offered in these Upwork alternatives, you can earn decently as well. You don’t have to stick to Upwork if you are not getting lucrative contracts.

This is by no means the largest list out there on outsourcing websites, but it is 10 of the most effective ones. Whether you’re in need of a complex project that requires the help of multiple freelancers all working towards a collective goal, or you have something quick and simple that needs to be done in a short amount of time, there is a website to help you find the exact person that you’re searching for. Just remember, as you’re sitting there discussing your project’s goals and reviewing proposals from interested parties, that it was all possible thanks to this list. Now, get out there and start making your dreams a reality.

Rahul Yadav

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