An Interview with WPElevation CEO Troy Dean

Today’s interview features an internet entrepreneur – Troy Dean the founder of WP Elevation. who I’ve followed for the past few years, so I’m honoured to have him on Rahul Digital Interview today.

1. Please Tell Us About Yourself & How Did You Get Started with WordPress?

I started building websites to promote myself as a voice over artist back in 2004 and then gradually started getting asked by friends in the film and TV industry in Melbourne to build websites for them. I wrote my first CMS by hand and then discovered WordPress in 2007 and haven’t looked back since.

2. Please Share the Journey of WP Elevation?

We started selling a WordPress plugin called Video User Manuals which allows developers to use our white label videos to teach their clients how to use WordPress. Our plugin customers kept asking me questions via email about how I ran my freelance business. I eventually packaged up my answers into an online course and launched in 2013. We have since trained thousands of students from all over the world and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

3. The Secret to Building a Profitable Mastermind Community?

The secret to building a profitable mastermind community is to leverage and automate wherever you can so that you can scale your impact and income. We record training videos once and sell them thousands of times which frees up our time to spend coaching our VIP customers who pay a higher investment for more access to the coaches. You need to offer different products at different price points and understand that there are people in your audience who will only ever buy a low-ticket course and some who will pay a premium for faster results.

4. Which Are Your Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Traffic? 

We use content in the form of our blog, podcast and YouTube channel to educate our audience and position our brand as the authority and then paid advertising to increase the reach of that content. Our warm audiences are then invited to evergreen webinars and offered a place in one of our online courses.

5. What Kind of Promotion Activities You Use for Wp Elevation?

Paid advertising as well as influencer connections via our podcast and JV partnerships with larger companies in the WordPress and web design industry.

6. What Tools Do You Use To Help You Run Your Business?

We live in Asana, Slack, Google Docs, WordPress and Infusionsoft. They are the 5 tools we use everyday. We also published a larger list of the tools we use right across the business.

7. Please Recommend 5 Best Plugins You Would Suggest to Our Bloggers and Why?

1: Elementor because it is the best page builder on the market and the premium version has some killer features like Popups
2: CartFlows if you’re selling anything on your website as it allows you to offer one-click upsells and sales funnels easily and quickly
3: Yoast SEO to make sure you can get found on search engines. Don’t skimp on this. It’s important.

4: ConvertPro is the best lead generation plugin for WordPress and is super easy to use.

5: BackupBuddy. Again, don’t skimp on backups. If your website is generating income, this is one insurance policy you can’t afford to lose.

8. Which Influencers and Thought Leaders You Look up to When It Comes to Internet Marketing? 

I don’t really follow any “Internet marketing” thought leaders as such but I have learnt a lot from business mentors and friends like Ed Dale, Nathan Chan and James Schramko. 

9. What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

At the moment it’s LinkedIn. It kinda feels like Facebook but everyone is sober 🙂


I hope you enjoyed meeting Troy as much as I enjoyed interviewing him on Rahul Digital. It was great to catch up with him.

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