Anybody can write. But not everyone can write well. The thing with travel writing is that the number of publications accepting travel write-ups are shrinking, while the number of aspiring travel writers are growing. Good thing there are platforms you can use for free. Start your page on one of these sites, and remember these tips.

Becoming an effective travel writer takes practice, and dedication

Find your writing voice

How do you compose a narrative that radiates your personality? Imagine you are writing to a close friend. Write as though you’re talking to that person. Do not use words you don’t normally speak of. Then you are likely to sound natural. Things will be easier once you get used to this writing style. You don’t try hard. You are being yourself.

Toss adjectives

Remember the perpetual rule in writing: Show, don’t tell. Adjectives are overrated. Take the readers to your journey by detailing what you’ve seen. Invest in verbs. Descriptive words do not help progress the story. They only increase your word count.

Focus on an interesting angle

You need not tell your story chronologically. Start with the most interesting part of the trip. Other bloggers or travel writers would narrate similar stories (focusing on attractions). To find a unique angle to leverage your piece will give it an edge over other entries. Remember, readers are always looking for something new.

Network online and offline

As a beginner, you might find yourself forcing closest friends read and share your posts. That’s okay. But as you go along, exert effort promoting your blogs. It takes a lot of work building your network. It does not end with following your favorite travel bloggers online. It helps that you also meet up with them, as well as other writers. Then you can discuss about guesting on each other’s pages, or exchanging ideas on next trips you are to take. You also get to gather all sorts of advice – from saving money, mingling with locals to writing – fresh from personal experience.

No matter what, proofread

Extreme happiness can push you give out too many information. Be careful when gauging which to leave out and include. Do not be shy to seek help from your trusted friends proofreading your output. I still meet up with college buddies after I write my essay. They consider going over my work as somehow a part of our meeting’s agenda. And we just laugh about it. Ask your friends if they feel you are the one speaking in your work. If they see a different person well you have got some serious revising to do.

Additional tips:

  • Choose quality photos. Text isn’t the only crucial element in your page. Images also are.
  • Be pleasant to commenters. Some would turn out rude. Still, respond politely. How you treat even the most annoying visitors will earn you respect. People can be opinionated, and that is one thing you cannot control as a writer.
  • Manage your time. Do not let writing interfere with your relationships.

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