Among the important hygiene products found in most houses today is the toothpaste which comes in either paste or gel form and is manufactured with different flavors. Due to its regular consumption and its purpose, it is very important to choose the right one among the numerous brands found in the dental market today. The toothpaste has a wide range of usage which includes eradicating germs in the mouth and improving your dental health, whitening your teeth, giving you a fresh breath and maintaining clean and healthy gums. Toothpaste manufacturing companies are in a stiff competition for the local and international market and the consumer is left to choose their favorite depending on the price, quality, and taste of the product. Among the numerous brands, here are some which found their way on the top ten lists of toothpaste brands in the market.

1. Colgate

Founded in 1873 by William Colgate and owned by Colgate Palmolive a company based in New York which initially sold soap, this American product has grown to be the giant in the manufacture of oral and dental hygiene products in the world with markets scattered all over the world. This is a product that is being consumed by half the households consuming kinds of toothpaste and has penetrated the market at a rate of 67 percent. Colgate’s main products include the famous Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouthwashes.

2. Forever bright tooth gel

This is another widely used and known brand around the world that contains no fluoride and is suitable for use by everyone including vegetarians since it doesn’t contain any by-products of animals. The major ingredient in forever tooth gel is the Aloe Vera which is mixed with spearmint and peppermint flavor which gives you a fresh and clean appearance.

3. Sensodyne

This is a product owned by GlaxoSmithKline an American company and was introduced in 1961.sensodyne has two varieties of products the toothpaste and mouthwash which were designed for people suffering from teeth sensitivity. Apart from reducing painful teeth sensitivity Sensodyne also gives protection against cavities and gives your teeth whitening and sparkling look and is recommended widely by dentists. To achieve better results with Sensodyne you are required to use it at least twice daily.

4. Glister

Owned by the Amway India Company, Glister has proven to be a brand to watch for in the market. Their product whitens teeth, fights cavities, removes stains, gives you a fresh breath and can be used by anyone since it has no health restrictions. Glister protects your teeth from decaying by blocking the demineralization process and instead promotes remineralization which gives the user strong and healthy cavities.

5. Crest

This is a product of oral health and hygiene that is manufactured by Procter & Gamble a Canadian company and was introduced in 1955.the crest toothpaste has seen its market grow spreading around the world and has been accepted to treat plaque, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, removal of tartar, whitening the teeth, strengthening the enamel and giving the user a fresh breath. Crest toothpaste products include crest pro-health, crest gum, crest sensitivity and crest complete.

6. Aqua fresh

With its headquarters in the UK GlaxoSmithKline are the manufacturer and the distributor of this toothpaste brand which was introduced into the market in the year 1973.designed with the red white and blue colors Aqua fresh double protection toothpaste has been manufactured in a way that gives your cavities all-around protection that has a lasting effect. Daily use of this product gives your teeth a bright look, fresh breath and protection of the teeth against infections of the gums

7. Arm and Hammer

This is a product of Church & Dwight a producer of household commodities in America which was founded in 1867.the arm and hammer have several products in their toothpaste category and they include paste for healthy gums, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, extreme whitening toothpaste, and extreme breath freshening toothpaste. This product works to prevent plaque and tartar build-up which reduces the risk of cavity infection

8. Close-up

Since its introduction in 1967 close-up brand co-owned by Unilever and church & Dwight continues to be a favorite brand in many households around the world. The toothpaste is manufactured using cinnamon flavor and users have experienced a fresh and confident feeling after brushing their teeth with the close-up.the benefits of using this brand include fresh breath, white teeth, and gum infections prevention.

9. Pepsodent

Pepsodent has been owned since 1942 by Unilever and was introduced in 1915 in the United States by Chicago’s Pepsodent Company. The product is manufactured with mint which gives it a pleasant aroma and is obtained from sassafras. The toothpaste aids in the prevention of tooth decay, removal of plaque and tartar and enhances healthy gums and strong teeth.

10. Aim

Aim toothpaste has been recommended as a preferred brand for family use as it has been certified medically for all people two years and above. This product has been designed that daily use will help in preventing teeth cavity, strengthen your enamel, whitens and keeps the teeth fresh. Aim toothpaste contains sodium fluoride an ingredient that aids in the fighting cavity.

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