An Interview with Syed Faizan Ali of MyBloggerLab and Templateism

Today, I’m very excited to Interview one of the youngest and successful bloggers of Pakistan Syed Faizan Ali. I think his name needs no introduction but let me give you short introduction about him and his personality.

Syed Faizan Ali is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan and is known for his websites and Templateism. MyBloggerLab is his first website which is now one of the best blogger resource blogs. After the success of MBL, Faizan launched his 2nd project Templateism which is the No. 1 platform for Blogger templates with thousands of monthly downloads and millions of visitors.

1.Please Tell us a little about yourself?

First of all thanks for finding me worth to be interviewed on your wonderful blog. I am Syed Faizan Ali, a Pakistan Web Entrepreneur and done computer engineering bachelor degree. I have founded two of the most popular blogger niche website i.e. and I live in the technology hub of Pakistan, the city of Karachi.

2. What is blogging for you? How do you see yourself without blogging?

Blogging is a whole new world, it’s a place where you can imagine anything, believe me you can. However, blogging can be used as a tool for converting your ideas into words so that other people may take benefit from them. I will not say I don’t want to earn when I started blogging but I never give earning my first priority because when you think about money and dollars you cannot concentrate. This is the only thing that our young bloggers need to learn. Don’t think about the money in the first 6 months of your blogging career because it’s the time when you gain the trust of your readers.

These days I am getting a bit rusty because I have been doing a lot of web developing and designing for Templateism that I hardly get any time to write a blog. Nonetheless, I need to push now because people really want some quality blogs from an authentic source.

3. You started blogging at the very young age .Have you faced any kind of resistance from your parents?

My parents never knew that their son is busy with setting up an online business. They always use to think, I am just spending time online, playing games, chatting with friends and other lame stuff that teens does. However, when I got my first payment from BuySellAds it was a shocking thing for my parents because that payment was equal to my dad’s 6 months’ income. So it was woohoo for me.

Now they know about what I do, and they support me whenever it’s needed. No complaints whatsoever. Yet, they are not aware of the fact that I am giving this interview lol.

4. Most of the Pro Bloggers recommend WordPress Platform for the purpose of blogging but you chose Blogger. May i know why?

Blogger and WordPress has no comparison one is better in SEO and other is better in security, this takes none of the platform to be indispensable. My love for the blogger is due to simplicity and convenience. Now a guy who is new to blogging, will he be ready to invest 100$ for hosting? Of course not. Therefore, I recommend blogger to all new guys, it’s a great start-up for everyone and once you got your roots into it the money will start flowing.

For me Platform doesn’t matter a lot, what matters is the guy who is running that site and that is YOU!

5. Please tell us a little about your blogs i.e MyBloggerLab and Templateism along with your Goals. is a site where we share tutorials and tips related to blogspot/blogger platform. is a place for Professional Blogger templates for FREE. Both of these sites, help each other because the Niche is almost the same. Goals are to create a marketplace for Blogger Templates, and my guys are working on it and if everything goes well, you will see it live.

6. According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger?

You just need to trust yourself and your abilities because if you want you can achieve success. Try to reach blogs but never follow them because when you does you are actually hiding your own personality. Why can’t you set up a site that others may follow? Always dream big because first, you don’t pay a single dollar for dreaming and second those who dream big always achieive big.

7. Does a blog’s design affect its SEO? If yes, How? What one should do to optimize their blog for search engines with proper designing?

Yes, Bots can read the structure of your site so it should be well formed with no errors. H1 tags are great for the betterment of SEO. Its called on page optimization. Use H1 tag with your targeted keyword and H2 for less targeted one.

8. What are your future plans?

I love living in the present, so I don’t really plan about what I would be doing in future. The ideas just click my brain and I start working on it. However, currently I need to expand my team, I am short of employees. I am doing over time due to less designers and developers, so currently I cannot think about expanding the company.

My Future plans is to think more than just Blogger, I am thinking about more developing stuff like WP and android development.Let see how the plan goes. Our best men’re working on all the projects.

9. If you could give one tip to newbie bloggers, what would it be?

First of all, new bloggers really need to learn to at least give some sorts of respect to the senior bloggers. Sometime novice bloggers shows extra aggression and that literally spoils everything. They should focus more towards their blog instead of looking what others are doing. The most important thing, a new blogger should always start a blog on a topic that he feels he can cover the best. Many people have started a website on totally unrelated topics that didn’t work out. Find your abilities and make them count.

Syed Faizan Ali is an Inspirational Character for Young Bloggers. In this interview, he has provided lots of important information. How do you see this interview

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