An Interview With Sonali Dutta (Sonali The Endless River) – Personal Branding Expert

Branding can be challenging but in today’s interview Sonali Dutta breaks it down into 3 key areas of focus to build a brand! Sonali is one of India’s most authentic and inspiring mentor. She has worked with thousands of professionals to help them career success. In this interview, she gives us tips on how to be authentic and genuine in your personal branding journey. Enjoy the interview!

1. Can You Please Introduce Yourself to RahulDigital Readers?

My name is Sonali Dutta aka Sonali The Endless River (

I’m a…

Speaker : Josh Talks, High Traffic Summit, E-Summit

Author : Power up Super Women

Trainer : Personal & Professional Development

Content Creator for Brands : Blogs, Video Marketing, Growth Hacking

2. Please share the journey of The Endless River?

Growing up I was the kid you’ll see with the coolest group at the back benches. But if you ever interacted with my gang, you’d figure out that I was without a doubt the quietest of them all.

I used to struggle with a lot of Self Confidence Issues. I was the only girl guitar player who represented my school, I was also an athlete, my teacher loved me and so did my friends and family. Somehow, I didn’t love myself.

From that kid who had struggles of Self Acceptance, I am now Speaker, a Published Author, Trainer & Content Creator. I have fallen in love with myself and train people how to enhance their own personalities to be comfortable in their own skin.

3. When and how did you learn about personal branding and decide it would be beneficial to you?

I came across Gary Vaynerchuk around 2017 and instantly connected with his messaging. He spoke a lot about Personal Branding and at that point I was building up my Website & Social Profiles.

He became a huge inspiration for me and I was impressed with the way he was living life being himself yet was so successful & happy. I knew I wanted that Life.

4. How can a person strengthen their personal brand?

One has to first understand the WHY – why do they need / want a personal brand. How can that be beneficial to their audience.  A lot of people think Personal Branding in terms of monetization only or living like a celebrity. Whereas a Personal Brand is a lot more than that. So first establish your WHY and then start communicating your message in the form of Content.

5. Which influencers and thought leaders you look up to when it comes to branding?

Gary Vaynerchuk will always be the first. After that I am a huge fan of Casey Neistat. 

Both of them have two very distinct styles of content creation but they always stick to Authenticity which makes them who they are.

6. What do you say as your great achievement in our online journey? 

Although I am at the beginning stages of my Journey, I do have feathers added to my cap. Some of them are :

  1.  Featured on Josh Talks (video yet to be released)
  2.  Speaker on one of the biggest Digital Marketing Events in India called ‘High Traffic Summit’
  3.  One of the youngest Authors to co-author my Book “Power Up Super Women”

This is just the beginning. A lot more to come!

7. What is your absolute favorite online branding tool or strategy – something you couldn’t live without?

I don’t use a lot of tools to be honest. But I have crafted my skills on Mobile Phone Editing and that saves me a lot of time & hassle. I shoot & edit all my content on my phone. Even the thumbnails are designed the same way. So yes, for me I would not be able to live without my cell, as I use it for multiple purposes.

As a Strategy, Live Videos work a lot. We are now slowly moving towards more Raw content. People are tired of Polished content & they want to interact with real people.

8. What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube?

My favorite is YouTube. I think it’s not only a social platform but a huge Information hub. I have learnt a lot from YouTube and continue to do so. While other Social Media platforms can sometimes take up a lot of your time for nothing, YouTube is very value based.

After YouTube, I love Instagram. I am a very visual person and Instagram has multiple forms of content on the same platform which keeps me entertained.

9. Tell us a little bit about your income reports. What’s the point of them and what all do you share?

Haha that’s a little personal to share. But I’d just like to say that I was always sure I was not the Job kind and was always waiting to make this switch. More than Money, Freedom to do what I love and how I love matters. So, in that context I am truly grateful and privileged to start my Dream Lifestyle.

Thank you Rahul, for this wonderful feature. It is an honor to be featured alongside so many notable names in other industries.

Thats Sonali Dutta for you guys! We’re sure that this interview must be quite an inspiring experience for you all.

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