Singaporeans absolutely love to eat and we are willing to travel far and wide to satisfy those cravings.

So what exactly is the criterion for a great food blog? Here are our picks of famous food bloggers who scour the country bringing us the best dishes, eating spots and food trends.

Our Top Singapore Food Bloggers of 2019

Singapore Food Blogs SimilarWeb Ranking in Singapore Est. unique visitors/ month
1 446 Above 1m
2  561 Above 800k
3 606 Above 800k
4 1644 Above 180k
5 1927 Above 140k
6 3733 Above 220k
7 4141 Above 90k
8 5973 Above 30k
9 8131 Above 40k
10 9711 Above 30k
11 11139 Above 25k
12 12568 Above 25k
13 13503 Above 20k
14 16014 Above 30k
15 16585 Above 15k
16 20014 Above 15k
17 21785 Above 25k
18 31259 Above 15k
19 32131 Above 10k
20 33954 Above 10k
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These Singaporean food bloggers in my opinion,  all have a unique style of writing and presentation. Ultimately with the goal of sharing amazing food, travel destinations, and even recipes!

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  1. What an amazing and a fascinating place to visit. I really didn’t know much about this but after reading this post I will surely visit one day. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

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