An Interview with Shahid Mansuri – CEO, Peerbits Solution

We reached out to Shahid Mansuri. Shahid is the Founder of Peerbits Solution Pvt. Ltd, a multi-million dollar mobile app development company. Peerbits’s headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) while distribution is handled from Dubai. Their main goal is to deliver remarkable mobile and web applications which will satisfy and keep users craving for more.

1. Please Briefly Tell Us About Yourself and How You Got Started with Development Industry

My name is Shahid Mansuri, the CEO of Peerbits, a mobile App development company. My rendezvous with technology is not something new as I was inclined to it from school days itself. And when I got to realize that technology is slowly and steadily transforming lives, I thought of contributing to the imminent change via development. Initially, for me to get started with a new horizon, I wanted to master the forte. So, I worked in a few companies as coder. Every time I used to keep myself motivated and updated with the changing trends. After gaining considerable knowledge in this vertical, I thought of starting a venture of my own and that is how Peerbits happened.

2. Can You Please Talk About the Journey of Peerbits?

Yes, definitely, it will be my pleasure. We started with 4 founders, technically. I and my other three colleagues were too much into technology.  After the IT boom in 2000, the Indian market had been slowly and steadily moving towards technology. The introduction of Android and iOS further catalyzed the process. After our college and a brief stint at the professional corporate world, we started off initially at a snail’s pace in 2011, but by 2013, we had accomplished over 100+ web and mobile app projects and with a heavy flow of work, there was intense hiring and our team grew up to 50 members. The year 2014 brought lucrative dividends for Peerbits with many new corporate offices being set up in Dubai, UAE, Colombia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Thereafter, we have never looked back, and our hard work has been recognized by GESIA in Gujarat where we got the award as the best mobile app development company.

3. What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants to Start Developing and Marketing Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are meant to add value to the life of the uses. Like WhatsApp did for short messaging. Similarly, as a mobile application development company, getting into the psyche and the skin of the user can help the company grow and dominate in the long run. That is where the difference is created between a mediocre and renowned development company, as the renowned ones will be focusing on giving an experience to the end users. For the purpose of marketing, it is profitable to start with coupon campaigns and downloads incentives. It might be costlier initially for the client, but users will be attracted to download the applications. For the purpose of increasing awareness about the application, the use of social media is a much profitable platform to explore.

4. How Do You Help Your Clients in Choosing the Right yet Profitable Platform for App Development?

We first understand the objectives that they want to achieve via the app platform. Once they are sharing the objective with us, we get to learn the best technology that can help them grow via the app platform. Our experts analyze the traffic the clients want to meet and the way they want the application to function. It is based on these vital inputs that we help shape the app as per the business requirement.

5. What Are the Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps, Both Paid and Organic?

In our endeavor to position our brand Peerbits as an effective mobile application solution provider, we focused on visualizing our campaigns on social media. As the usage of social media is turning robust with time, we capitalized on this trait. For both paid and organic, we relied on social media. After doing the social media campaigns, we also built the DY videos and uploaded smart solutions via our app development. The videos helped in evoking the interest and initiating a quick call-to-action for the viewers.

In order to create better connectivity with the audience, we even organized the app release part and invited the media house and other key profile individuals to the event. In a way, it was able to create brand positioning, recognition, and perception for the audience. We used multiple techniques to attract the customers, whether they were paid or non-paid, the results were the phenomenon.

6. What Are the Best Advertising Networks for Driving Mobile Installs and Why?

I personally like AdMob, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for the advertising and promotion. In all these platforms, I am able to get native ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, in-stream video ads, reward point ads. All of these combined empower the marketing for the apps that we develop.

7. Which Would Be the Best Monetization Method for Mobile App Developers Who Looking to Maximize Revenues from Their Apps?

From my viewpoint, it will be a little tough to restrict the marketing and monetization to just one zone; so in my case, I will personally go with banners, interstitial ads, capture forms, native advertising. And in some rare occasions, even the freemium models do interconnect with the users and motivate them to download and use the application.

8. What Analytics Tools Do You Recommend for Tracking App Install, User Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value?

Google Analytics for Mobile is the best tool to track customer behavior.

9. What Are the Challenges and Advantages of Both Ios and Android Mobile App Development?

With cross-platform mobile app development, the following challenges and advantages surface as per our experience in the development.


  • There is a 50% to 80% code reuse when using the cross-platform development
  • Bug fixing is required just once in the process of development.
  • For B2B and business process automation, the use of the hybrid platform is quite beneficial.


  • A great UI/UX of the application
  • Creating an MVP and MVVM
  • Maintaining the Retention Rate

10. What’s Your Advice to App Developers/Marketers on Handling Negative Reviews?

When they come across negative reviews, should learn from the mistake and incorporate the changes that please the users.

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