Servando Silva Reveals Super Affiliate Secrets for Success

Catch the exclusive RahulDigital interview with Servando Silva of Stream SEO. Servando mainly focuses on CPA and affiliate marketing. Even so, this is a great journey of how Servando took these skills and learned to create a full time income.

1. Can You Please introduce Yourself to RahulDigital Readers

Sure! Hey everyone. My name is Servando Silva. I’m a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer at Stream SEO.

I live in Mexico but if you look at me you’ll quickly realize I look like an Asian guy. That’s because I am half Korean 🙂

2. How Did You Get Started In Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

This happened a long time ago, but long story short, I was blogging without making any money or even realizing the potential of having a website since 2006. Back then it was a hobby and we grew a website to around 150,000 visits per month in a very enthusiastic niche (the website is dead now and the domain has expired).

6 years later I graduated from college, got a job and had to pay for my rent and lifestyle, so I started looking for ways to make extra income online and quickly realized I could start my website and make money from it. 

I made some tests and created 3 different websites (bad idea for a beginner) and 1 of them took off. After a year I decided to burn the bridges and leave my old job to start making money online full time. 

As for the question about affiliate marketing, since it’s one of the best-known ways to make money from your blog’s traffic, I started testing it and noticed the commissions could be high if you had targeted traffic. Later I started learning more about affiliate marketing and the dozens of different ways to make money with it and I’ve been focused on that for the last 5 years, mostly promoting CPA and CPS offers.

3. How Long Did It Take Before You Made Your First Affiliate Sale

Not much, to be honest. Or it depends on how you see it. My first affiliate sale happened when I started learning how to make my first blog with WordPress and a friend who wanted help used my referral link to get started as well. 

However, if you look at things for real. My first sale from organic traffic came after 3 or 4 months of blogging when I accidentally stepped into a very low competition keyword that brought me a couple hundred of dollars in commissions and then it got much more competitive a few months later.

4. How Do You Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

Nowadays I focus on 2 types of traffic: organic and paid ads.

Most of our organic traffic comes from Google, but in the past, we have worked with other sources like Facebook (the Golden era of organic reach), Instagram, Pinterest, and others. 

As for paid ads, we have learned different traffic sources in the last few years, including Facebook Ads, Push Notification ads, Pop up Ads and even Native Ads. 

Depending on the project and affiliate offers we want to promote we select different types of traffic sources.

5. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Affiliate Programs To Promote?

I don’t have a favorite affiliate program. I prefer to say we work with some great affiliate networks and they provide us with good offers to test. 

But since you’re probably expecting an answer from the blogging side here, I’d say we like to promote recurring programs that pay every month as long as the user keeps paying and we also like the typical offers most bloggers promote, like hosting, themes, plugins, etc.

6. Do You Have Any Tips And Tricks You Used To Help Your Business Grow

There’s no shortcut for this. You either have time to invest or money to invest. Money buys you time, but if you’re new, you probably don’t have much to get started.

Try to avoid shiny object syndrome and don’t jump from one project to another. If you’re going to learn how to make money online, you need to understand that there are many ways to make it work, and there are a ton of businesses available, but you should focus on one and put your max efforts there until it works or you decide it’s not for you, and then test another. 

People see others and they think it’s easy and wants to replicate it in just a few weeks, and that’s not possible. Be patient, be consistent and always be learning and you’ll eventually make it.

7. What Tools Do You Use To Help You Run Your Business

There are many tools we use every month to either organize, analyze or make our business work the way it works.

We use tools like Trello and Google Drive to plan our strategy.

We use unmanaged VPS like Vultr to set up our websites or landing pages and make them as fast as possible. We also use WordPress when we need to set up a full website but if not we code everything in raw HTML.

As for data analysis, we use Voluum to track our affiliate campaigns, and other tools like plugins to set up the FB pixel and Google Analytics. 

8. Do You Have Any Advice For People Thinking Of Getting Into Affiliate Marketing

This might sound a bit repetitive as I mentioned it before, but avoid the shiny object syndrome and surround yourself with people doing or learning what you’re learning by creating masterminds or joining FB groups. 

It helps a lot when you see other people are learning the same thing and they have similar questions or doubts like you. A lot of people think making money online is not making real money. They are old fashioned and it can be discouraging when even your family asks you what you do and you can’t show results yet.

9. What Is The One Thing Every Affiliate Marketer Needs To Know

Data doesn’t lie. If you think something is great and it should work, but data tells you it’s not working, you need to detach your emotions and understand that the way you’re doing things won’t work. 

Understand it, adapt and keep working towards your goal.

10. Secret Question: How Much Do You Make Every Month From Digital marketing

This changes a lot from month to month and even year to year. But I’ve been able to keep consistent earnings above 5 figures per month for the last 4 years 🙂

Thanks for your time today, Servando!

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