There are many plugins that you can download on chrome as well as Firefox which is very much useful for bloggers while blogging. There are tons of plugins available for keyword researching, SEO Optimization, Website Analytics.

So, I have been using many plugins since day one and they help me a lot in enhancing my blogging experience.

SEOquake is one of those Plugin which I have installed on my Web Browser. In this post I will tell you about SEOquake which is a SEO Plugin available for Chrome and Firefox.

What Is SEOquake ?

SEOquake is a Free Plugin available for both Firefox and Chrome plugin store. You can easily download the plugin and install it. SEOquake is tool or plugin which gives you metric data and analysis of any website you visit. It shows all the data of the any website you visit with a Stripe below the website hyperlink.

SEOquake pulls all the metric data of any website and shows you in one area, when you click the plugin icon it will show all the analysed data of website.

Also, you can change the settings and stripe according to you needs and requirements

and most importantly, It’s FREE !

Features of SEOquake Free Plugin

Important Page Information for SEO

SEOquake gives you many features which you can use for your own well. You can use all these metrics data of websites and improvise you blog further to improve you Search Engine Rankings.

Google Indexed Pages

SEOquake shows you number of indexed pages by google. SEOquake will show you all the indexed pages by google for any website you visit. You can even know the indexed URLs by clicking on the button.

You don’t even have to do anything, just a CLICK !

Domain Backlinks

Every Blogger knows how much important it is to make high quality backlinks to your website or blog to increase SEO and Search Rankings.

Well sometimes you don’t even know which website are providing you the backlinks. Bad backlinks from low rated website or blog will surely effect you website or Blog SEO. There are tools which you can use to find out these low quality backlinks but most of them are paid tools. SEOquake will show the backlinks or website that are referring to your website. 

Sub-domain Backlinks

Backlinks for your domain backlinks are important for sure. But sub-domain backlinks are also very much important. This where SEOquake is comes in use you can check any website sub-domain backlinks using SEOquake.

Bing Indexed Pages

Like google indexed pages. Bing is also important for website traffic. It is also a great search engine. In my opinion it is quite easier to rank in Bing. SEOquake will provide you the indexed pages in Bing search engine.

Alexa Rank

You don’t need to go to Alexa and put the website link whose rank you want to check. SEOquake has this feature which will show you the website rank for any Website you visit.

Website Age

SEOquake also shows you the the website age of any website you visit. Now, I have to say this is not always correct but still SEOquake does a pretty decent job for providing you the website age.


SEOquake will provide you the one click Whois directory and what I mean by that is, you don’t have to go to the Whois website. When you visit the site you can just click the WHOIS button in the extension and it will do the work for you.

Miscellaneous Data

If I will tell you all the features of the SEOquake it will make the post too long and would just waste your time. SEOquake provides you tons of other miscellaneous data for the website which you can use to improve your website or blog.

How Good is SEOquake ?

I have been blogging since a year and I have used this plugin front the day one.

SEOquake free plugin has helped me enormously. Back when i remember I have to go to every Alexa website and put the URL of the website to check its rank. It just saves so much of time. SEOquake gathers all of the data at the same place.

SEOquake has a Site Stripe or bar which can be adjusted according to your need. It will embed itself in the search engine results to show you all the details without even entering into the website.
One of the cool features which I have liked very much is that SEOquake will show you the website rank on google search results or any other search engine, so you don’t have to count on which rank is your website.

How to Install Seoquake in Chrome / Firefox ?

Installing SEOquake is pretty much very simple. You just have to download the plugin or extension and install it in you chrome / Firefox browser.
For chrome, you can go to Chrome app store and search for SEOquake and install it in you Chrome browser as a plugin.
For Firefox, you can go to Firefox add-on (also present in settings) there you can search for SEOquake and add it to Firefox as a extension.

How To Use SEOquake ?

To use SEOquake, you just have to install it and turn it on. SEOquake will ask you some recommendation settings which you can choose according to your choice.
And that’s IT !
It will work for any website you visit and also you can turn it off for any website or Web page you want according to your requirement.


If you are Searching for a good Free SEO metric tool for website and if you are a blogger. I will highly recommended SEOquake free tool. It’s so convenient and so good. Just install it and let it help you while you blog.

Go Ahead ! It’s Free !

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