What Does SEO Stands For?

SEO stands for search engine optimization means how you are going to optimize your website in favor of search engine. In modern era of internet, everyone is trying to get its blog at the top. So, in order to get your blog at the top, you have to learn something which is called Search Engine Optimization.

Why These SEO Tips?

For new blogger who is trying to write original content on their blogs but they are not getting enough traffic so it’s important for them to have knowledge of search engine optimization. It will not only boost their traffic but also their visibility on the internet.

Important Points To Remember:

Post Title

It is the most important aspect considered in SEO. Post title is going to explain the main idea of your post. So, in order to get high ranking in search for a certain topic, you have to choose a suitable post title. Remember, Post title must be precise and self-explanatory. It must consist on 60-70 letters and not more than that.

Use Of Keywords

Keywords are badly needed for better SEO because it will lead your website toward high traffic. Try to find keyword related to your post which people are searching on internet. Your keywords are in short telling the search engine about the main theme of your post.

Link Building

Link building is a technique of building links so that search engine can recognize your site. For better SEO, Link building is much important because better links are not only going to give you traffic but also going to enhance your search engine optimization.

Use Better Anchor Text

One of the basic link building technique is to use anchor text (text containing link in it). Try to use an anchor text which is related to your post. Like for my post regarding what is blogger. There are two options.

In first case you have simply posted the link of you post which is not a good practice. For SEO purpose, use of second method is better because it will be showing your link as well as the basic theme of your post.

Use Permalink

Blogger will select the post title as your permalink or it provides you the facility to use permalink which you want to use. For better SEO results, use different permalink from the post title because it will be giving two different ideas to search engine about your post.

Use Better Html File

Always assign h1 to the blog post and sub-headings as h2, h3. This will provide your website a good HTML look which will help search engine to understand your website.

Be Active On Your Blog

Always try to post regularly on your blog. This will not only enhance your blog readers but also it will help you to earn a respect in the eyes of search engine. Search engines are always crawling your site so whenever you are posting a new article, search engine will be making it online at once.

Content Is King

In the last like everyone I would like to say “Content is the key to success”. If you are posting unique and original content regularly then there is no reason for search engine not to show your post.

Try to maintain these important points on your blog. It will help you to get high traffic and high search engine ranking.


There are some basic and common sense rules for effective search engine optimization for articles written for either general websites or e-zines. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure the article is unique. Plagiarism is not smart practice.
  • The article should be well-researched, factual, engaging and well-written. No one wants to read poorly veiled marketing copy.
  • Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • List sources and references when applicable.
  • Use keywords smartly and judiciously.
  • Give a relevant title to the article.
  • Break it up into short paragraphs.
  • Use pictures and other visual elements whenever possible to make the article more interesting.
  • Use hyperlinks in the writing
  • Link back to the article from other websites to build traffic.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask it:)

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Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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