SEO Tips & Tricks for Startups : 10 Hacks

The startups in the recent generations are inclining more toward the online publicity. Now, there are just many ways to get the promotion done with every target group of audience. But then again, there’s this thing that will always the rule the world of internet, at least for few more decades- SEO. Search engine optimization eventually decides every other mode of the business working eventually. IF you don’t know already- the SEO Company is the basis of which people judge which business is doing well. The firms and the sites that you see in the top pages of the results of the search engines are reportedly good and the ones listed below are not.

The startups cannot usually invest a boom amount of money in to the SEO agencies and hence they invest in themselves for doing this. Here are some tips and tricks for the startups in Singapore to get their basic SEO done for their online promotions:

1. Set Your Goals

As simple as it sounds, many firms have not done this basic step. There are people who will just randomly barge in to online promotions without any prime motive. This can be avoided by actually having a very properly designed structure of the plan, motives, goals and everything. Set and write down what exactly you want from the SEO listing, and the online promotion. The reason can be anything- like; you can want only online publicity, or reach targets, or have more sales and likewise. So it is important that you have your motives set very clear and loud for all the members of the organization to see through and understand.

2. Choose the Type of Business Listing You Want to Look Like

The business listing you wish to look like should be very loud. Whether you want to portray yourself like a big business firm that only cares about the traffic and publicity and not about the revenues generated- you can look like one. If you wish to make yourself like a small scale business that is keen on generating revenue for the further processes and for the sales too- you can look like. It all depends and circles down to how you actually want to portray yourself like.


Develop the measuring ways first. This will help you achieve the basics of your motives. Have measuring criterion like how are the sales doing now, after having switched to organized ways of using your online business and promotions. Also, what are the kinds of traffic that has been generated so far- are they aligning with your business or are they going haywire? All of these are the things that should eventually tell you how well you are faring with your business strategies or if they need any upgrade. You might as well tell apart the difference between your business results and that of the competitor. And always look for the ways that will only work for the better results of your own company than just randomly for any provided business. Have unique ways of measuring that are your own, not taken off any other firm.


Look into the deeper nodes of the website you have designed for yourself. The website is just not the one that you look at a very nominal way. The websites work when you crawl in to the deeper nodes of it, criticize your own website in ways you would do if it were any competitor’s website. The ways you actually look out for the mistakes, the pros and the cons and almost everything of the website will eventually decide how exactly you want to make it look for any other buyer. So, scrutinize your website and make changes wherever it needs to be.


Do not look for instant returns. Do not look for the pretence on the websites or any social media handles. The more you go for duplicate content, plagiarized content and the more bots you use on the websites; there is bigger chance that you are putting your business at a risk of penalty and no traffic too. Google will not recognize any content that has already been used in the dates prior to yours. It definitely will even know that you have used robot traffic there to show fake results. In either case, your listing will be pushed even farther away from the existing listing.


A lot of people do not use laptops or computers to generate buying or any other shopping too. People now completely have switched to the mobile applications and websites. So now that you know how mobiles have helped game up many online websites and applications to attain whatever they have, you need to focus on mobile friendly apps. Keep everything simple and tracking records. When you keep it simple and less of errors, the more people will stick to the website.


Track your engagements every now and then so that you understand the progress. You need to be in time all the time. You cannot not track engagements for months and then suddenly realize that your strategies are doing more harm than good. The track record of all the necessary details should be very proper and organized. Track the engagement of every possible thing. The traffic that is generated by your website to the amount of time people spend on your websites- everything is very important. As an owner you should be aware of how your website and shopping site is doing nevertheless of the sales. The sales will come after all the good that your website has done. Hence, don’t just jump to the sales track first, skipping every step that lies ahead of the sales. Before the sales, go for the minute details too.


Even the heading tags, the hash tags and everything in between will eventually determine how many people will go for the experience of the website. Optimize content by using heading font that is usually recognized by the search engines. The title tag, body copy, headlines, keywords, bold and italics and everything attract the attention of the users at the back of their minds. Even though people disregard these little details that people won’t notice, they are actually losing chances. The meta-details should be very apt and very proper so that they should appear at the search page only. The meta-details of the company usually appear only when the details are all SEO Singapore specific.


The sources you generate your keywords from should not be just one, but many. The keywords eventually determine every little thing that you decide on for your website. Hence, choose keywords very carefully, from different sources. What people do wrong is choose the keywords from only one source and usually they go wrong for their site. The best thing one can do is to choose the target keywords from many sources so you get an idea of exactly what your website needs and the necessities.


The search engine optimization updates usually change every fortnight. This is an ever changing game that changes the rules every now and then, and so you need to stay updated. Also, you cannot spend a lot of time just getting to know one trend because then they will change suddenly and you will be stuck at that one gone trend. There are many guides’ available online and even journals that you can read from. Take minimum of a week to understand the hack and start implementing already. Wasting a lot of time only in reading and understanding will eventually be very harmful for the growing hacks and tips.

SEO will be just baseless if you don’t invest enough time and efforts in it. Also, the fact being that you don’t have to worry about the sales and the traffic once you effectively settle into the SEO strategies is very prominent. Make sure you make every little detailing very prominent before you start going all hands on the promotion of your business online.

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