It seems like it was just yesterday when people got to know about Salesforce. Right now, this 19-year-old CRM behemoth is the leader in business CRM, app developing platforms and marketing management ecosystem. It is one of the dominant forces that shape the marketing space in the current digital world. The latest product of the Salesforce initiative is the Sales Cloud Lightning Professional. This 360-degree CRM service is ideal for all marketers who want to stay on top of their customer info and market services.

The promise of automation

The Salesforce Lightning comes with a fresh take on the old and intuitive UI. It features a streamlined sales pipeline that provides instant alerts, drag-and-drop dashboard functions and pop-up updates on It comes with integrated artificial intelligence – Einstein. The Salesforce Lightning platform comes with Einstein analytics that helps to compile the business and customer related big data, analyses the market leads, prioritizes the leads and automates the rather mundane tasks including data entry and lead scoring.

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Third-party apps and add-ons

Salesforce is taking a leaf out of the business ops of leading app development environments like Zoho CRM and Apptivo CRM by introducing third-party marketplace options. It is launching and supporting several applications and add-ons from third-party developers. It has also been improving on its CRM features by integrating the functions of newly acquired software programs such as the automated quote to cash platform from Steelbrick’s!

Interactive UI and extended control

While Salesforce started out exclusively as a CRM back in 1999 from a bedroom office in San Francisco, the dream of the developers was to create a wholesome service that comes in the form of software. That is very much a reality right now with Salesforce’sSaaS features that offer data storage, data integration, lead generation, lead prioritization, marketing management and customer management through an interactive dashboard.

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Drag and Drop development options

SalesforceDx is the developer’s version of the good old Salesforce that offers all the raw materials and tools you need to create new apps that can change the way your business interacts with the employees and your customers. The Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud provide fantastic automation options including customer service and email marketing. The App Cloud from Salesforce is genuinely one of a kind. It enables you to build myriads of apps without any coding expertise.

Feature sets for every price range

The sales cloud comes with several rungs. Salesforce IQ, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise, CRM starter, Lightning Unlimited are the five levels of the Salesforce Sales Cloud that offer various combinations of services at varying prices for the organizations. Chatter is the basic social networking service for any business on Salesforce, and it comes with every version.

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Quite generously, Salesforce offers a free 30-day trial for the Lightning software, and it is quite a fantastic experience for the pro developers, who are willing to adopt automation for running the mundane functions. The entire process comes with a robust guide, which is good enough for veterans as well as amateurs. The new UI makes Salesforce easy, friendly and resourceful to all IT professionals, company owners, sales representatives and sales managers.

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