An Interview with Rishit Shah From Tally School

Today, I am really excited to say that We have Mr. Rishit Shah with us. I have been following his blog for a long time. I have been always a fan of his humility and persistence. Those of you who don’t know him, he is the owner of Tally School. If you have never been there, I would strongly encourage you to check this blog out. You can find a ton of honest tips on Accounting and Tally success.

In this interview you’ll learn how Rishit Shah has mastered Tally.

1. Please Introduce Yourself With Rahul Digital Audience 

I am Rishit Shah. I am in CA Final right now and I run a blog called TallySchool – where I teach Tally – an accounting software used all over India, Africa and UAE. 

Till date I have taught Tally and accounting to CAs, MBAs (also from IIMs), company directors, students from all streams, people from 20 to 80, and people doing jobs and businesses.

I have taught Tally to people for all spheres of life.

I am fond of music as well. I play flute and I can do quite a good Garba as well (being a Gujarati, it is a must).

2. Please Share the Journey of Tally School? 

I started TallySchool to make money online. I was clear about that before beginning the website.

But my goal was not just to earn money. My goal was to explain tally in an easiest way possible so that even if you have not heard about tally before, you can start learning it via TallySchool.

It was the last year of my articleship when I started TallySchool. For the first six months, I didn’t earn anything.

After around six months or so, the website started gaining recognition i.e. getting noticed on Google and eventually people noticing it.

After that, there is no looking back. As I posted articles and videos more and more, people loved it back.

I started TallySchool in 2014 June and in June 2019, it completed 5 years. Tally School has helped me pay my CA tuition fees, personal expenses and giving back to my home as well.

I am not bragging at all but I am getting daily 1-2 personal thank you messages at the least because of TallySchool.

I have also connected with many bright people around India.

There is a guy graduated from IISc – who is selling app services out of India. His turnover was in crores and he himself was a brilliant and wise person.

I did his accounting and some other consulting based work. Though I am not doing his work right now but we are still connected and I learnt a lot from him personally.

There is a story of another person who is a CA. She approached me for starting her own practical learning platform.

She shared her problems and I helped her out in the beginning.

She is a fabulous person who really wanted to teach people which is what I am doing right now.

Like this, I have met many individuals who are awesome and really want to do something which wouldn’t have been possible without Tally School.

TallySchool has been featured on Tally Solutions (company behind Tally), Chartered Club, CA Club India, Accounting Today, US Chamber of Commerce etc to name a few.

3. What Would You Advice Someone Who Wants to Learn Tally?

It is very simple to learn Tally because the software is itself is very simple and easy to work with.

There are two basic steps to learn Tally which I tell everyone, everyday.

Firstly, learn basic accounting because tally is nothing but accounting done in a digital format. You can do this from 11th and 12th standard accounting books.

Then, after you know the basics of accounting, start learning Tally via TallySchool (marketing myself here :)).

Once you know accounting in Tally, you can then move forward to learn all other features of Tally step by step and you will be considered as a Tally Expert.

But let me tell you that Tally is much more than just accounting.

4. What features are available in Tally for Accounting? 

All the features you can think of, while doing a normal accounting process, they are available in Tally.

Imagine a transaction happening in a shop. You are the shopkeeper. You just sold a mobile phone to a customer. It is a normal sales transaction.

You can enter the sales invoice in Tally which will automatically do the sales entry for accounting in tally.

At the same time, the stock of the mobile in Tally will get reduced since you sold it.

Profit, losses, reports, GST, ratios and so on are automatically calculated at the time of doing a single sales entry.

Similarly, when you purchase the mobile phone from a supplier, everything works automatically as soon as you do the accounting entry for the same in Tally.

So, you can imagine the number of features that are available in Tally. Let me share a few of them objectively.

  • Accounting Entries
  • Inventory Management
  • GST and GST Return Filing
  • Godown Management
  • Multi-Currency for exports and imports
  • Budgets
  • Banking
  • Payroll
  • Order Processing
  • Purchase and Sales Management

5. What Strategies Do You Use to Monetize Your Blog Traffic?

Strategies I use to monetize my blog are a mix of various sources. As I said earlier in this interview, one of my goals was to earn money from my blog (I don’t speak sweet like – it is not for money but more than that).

I use display ads, YouTube videos, Tally Courses – which are premium, Certifications and I take client work as well.

There is not much secret here but these are the ways I earn money from my blog.

Recently, I got a message from a CA in Bengaluru that he liked one of my videos very much and wanted to pay me directly because one of his problems got solved easily by watching my video.

He transferred ₹100 to me. This was his way of showing me some love and one of the little known ways bloggers earning money online.

The most important thing regarding earning money online or offline is that the person who pays me for anything, pays me with a heart, love and happiness.

I don’t want to ever earn money from anyone with hatred and resentment and that he later regrets paying me.

6. Which Influences and Thought Leaders You Look up to When It Comes to Accounting?

Honestly, I don’t look up to anyone when it comes to accounting. It is because accounting is such a subject that happens daily.

At a very basic level, accounting means transactions and you can see transactions happening everywhere.

If you look at anything, it has come from a transaction. For example, I have a laptop and it came from transaction that I did. Someone else paid for it and resold it to me.

Now, I am doing transactions on it. It is a never ending process.

Transactions are everywhere and that’s where accounting is. It is everywhere.

7. Which Are Your Favorite Blogs Which You Review on a Daily Basis?

I read a number of blogs. They are mostly related to accounting and internet marketing in general.

First one is TaxGuru. It is a source for all the raw information of just about anything related to accounting, taxation, GST and various other laws in India. That’s where I go when I don’t understand something about the above subjects.

Second is Chartered Club. The reason for visiting this blog is mainly for information related to CA and CA course. It is run by a CA and therefore it has up to date information about anything related to CA.

Third one is Tally Solutions. It is the company behind Tally. I visit it frequently to know anything new that has been happening about Tally as I run a blog which is mostly based on Tally.

Fourth is ShoutmeLoud. It is run by an Indian called Harsh Agarwal. This blog is about internet marketing but the main point of visiting this site is to get an Indian point of view in the SEO, blogging and so on.

Fifth is Neil Patel. If you are a little bit familiar with internet marketing, there is no chance that you have not visited his blogs. These blogs are a go to blogs for anyone looking to build and market their blogs or websites online.

8. What Tools Do You Use To Help You Run Your Business?

I use a number of tools but the most important ones are mentioned below.

Most used tool is Tally itself. I run through tally like water flowing through the mountains. I just go everywhere inside Tally, where I can, to see how things are working.

My blog is based on Tally, so it is inevitable to use Tally on a daily basis.

I experiment a lot with Tally as well.

Google Drive comes to number two. We have to write a lot in blogging as well as manage numbers.

I use Google Docs and Sheets for writing and crunching numbers respectively.

As all the data is online, I can work from anywhere from my laptop.

Third most used tool is Camtasia Studio.

All of my videos except one or two are screen recorded. I record myself using Tally to explain how it works.

I record, edit and produce my videos out of Camtasia. Without it, I can’t produce any video.

Photoshop is on the fourth number. I use it to edit images on the blog and screen shots for the YouTube videos.

Images play a big role both on the blog and videos, therefore it is wise to use good images to explain people what actually is happening.

Fifth is Online Image Compressors.

As a blog has a lot of images, online image compressors help me reduce the size of the images up to 90% from its original size.

This makes the website significantly faster and users visiting the website have a good experience.

9. Secret Question: How Much Do You Make Every Month From TallySchool?

Well, I don’t want to reveal my earnings but let me give you an indication of how much I earn.

It is more than an average CA of my age can actually earn anywhere in the world.

Lastly, I want to give a big thanks to Rahul for giving me this opportunity for an interview on his blog. He has had interviews with people who are far more successful than me.

It is really an honour to be featured on RahulDigital.

Rahul Yadav

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