A village is a settlement of small area which was the building block of any development and progress. These settlements are occupied by rural areas which work under distinct body and have its own governing bodies. Villages are considered to be the basic unit of modern civilization. Nowadays the lives of villages are easier just like the life of urban areas due to the adoption and implementation of modern technologies. Development in villages makes them richest. Below mentioned are the ten richest villages in world 2018.

10. Shani Shingnapur

This village has occupied on an area of 82.36 km and is located in Maharashtra. It is famous for its houses who has lot of wooden frames fixed at the entrance. In this village, banks are found as lick less because of less crime rate. Its name is derived from shrine of shine. This shrine is famous and attracts the attention of tourists. Low rate of crime and revenue from tourism are the two main reasons for richness of this village.

9. Dharnai

This village is located in Bihar, and the consumption of solar energy to generate solar power for the need of villagers makes this village more famous. This village is considered to be the first village that has complete solar power. Because of own solar energy, cost of fuel consumption has been reduced down in this village.

8. Punsari

Punsari is located in Gujarat district of India and have all the facilities which are present in modern city including transport service and solar panel. The village has seen digitization and the villagers are entitled for medical insurance. Urbanization done in this village makes it more developed and also books its place in the list of 10 richest villages in the world.

7. Hiware bazar

This village is located in Maharashtra, India. Irrigation and water conservation system makes this village more famous and some richest families are also living in this village. Modern technologies are used for conserving water and to fight against the drought condition in the village. These technologies are a reason for its popularity around the world.

6. Kokrebellur

This village is located in southern part of India and it is famous for its bird sanctuary. Bird sanctuary is considered as heritage of the Karnataka. Birds in Kokrebellur are of great importance for the lives of villagers because they get benefits by dropping of the birds as they use them to get manure for their crops. Revenue of the village is also increased by tourists, who are attracted by the birds. It is fifth richest village in our list of 10 richest villages in the world 2018.

5. Marog

This village is located in the foothills of Himalayas. There are plenty of fertile green meadows and land, making this village valuable. Marog is the largest producer of apples and these apples are supplied to the biggest juice manufacturing companies of the world. Because of apple supply this village fourth in the list of 10 richest villages in the world.

4. Khetwadi

It is located in Maharashtra and is the most developed village in India. This village is famous for well-planned area for any society. Well-constructed roads are present in this village and average annual income of each house in this village makes perfect example of living for other villages.

3. Huaxi

Huaxi is the richest village in east china. Multi-sector industry companies are listed on the stock exchange in the Huaxi. Villagers are paid by companies as they have the share with these companies and they are paid according to one fifth of company’s annual profit. It is third richest village in the world and is considered to be a socialist village where every villager is wealthy. Wealth and work are the main ideologies in this village. No one has got permission to take weekend breaks and the streets of this village are always occupied by villagers because they are working all the time.

2. Pothanikkad

It is a small village located in Kerala and is the second richest village in the world. In spite of the fact that it is village, it is highly populated with a surprising literacy rate of 100%. Educational background in every house of this village makes them the richest villages in southern Punjab. This village is famous for churches like Pothanicad Mamanikkunnu St. Mary’s orthodox Syrian and Pothanicad St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian church.

1. Baldia

Baldia village is top richest village in the world and is located in Gujarat, India. From the last decade, urbanization has been done in Baldia which is bringing development in almost all sectors from road construction to telecommunication. There is good supply of water and electricity. The services that the people of Baldia enjoy are enough evidence for its wealth. According to an estimate net deposit of the villagers is twelve crore (1.92 Million USD).

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