In every occupation, success is measured in different ways. The world of research measures success by how many successful studies you conduct to successful completion. The world of entertainment is totally different and what is used to measure the level of success varies from time to time. The entertainment industry may sometimes measure the level of success based on:

  • Who you know in that world. The number of contacts an entertainer has may be measured as success. The contacts are the people who open the unseen doors and allow you to get more opportunities to make money.
  • The number of projects you have done. In the movie industry success may be measured by how many successful movies an entertainer has been featured in. The music industry on the other hand measures success using the popularity of the songs or albums released and they rate them on charts.
  • The amount of money an entertainer makes per movie, song, dance or any other form of entertainment.

The movie industry in Korea

The Asian continent has played catch-up with the world for the better part of the century because some of the nations were under colonial rule. The bombing at Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not help matters in the continent because all the nations within it suffered in one way or another. The Japanese and Koreans have been able to recover somewhat in the past two decades. They have emulated the first world countries and Japan has been able to join them as a leading country in technology as well as economy.

The entertainment industry in Korea has made a significant impact all over the world. They have even embraced the famous singing shows that feature all over the world such as ‘the voice Korea’. In participating on various world platforms, Korea has marketed itself to the rest of the world. The Korean movies have superseded the language restrictions that would be anticipated by providing English translations for them. As a result of the popularity of the movie industry, the actors and actresses earn good revenues. If we were to rank the Korean actors based on their net worth in 2019, the order would be.

10. Ji Chang Wook

If Ji was to be ranked based on how many movies he has acted, his position would be better than ten. However based on how much money he is worth, the South Korean actor is at the tenth position. He has participated in different sectors of the entertainment industry such as in musicals and screen performances. The amount he charges per project, when accumulated, makes his very wealthy. In 2017, Ji did not feature in the list of the 10 richest. This can imply that he is growing his wealth and we should expect to see him closer to the top 3 soon.

9. Lee Jong Suk

He is also a South Korean like Ji Chang. He was the 10th richest actor last year and is in position nine this year. Lee Jong did not begin his career as an actor; on the contrary he started out as a model. He was the youngest model at the time. Lee did his performances well and gradually moved up the ladder towards performing lead roles. He earns around $50000 dollars for the episodes he features in.

8. Song Joong KI

He got his big break when he got to act a lead role in one of the most famous Korean movies. He however makes his money in more than one form of entertainment. He is an anchor as well as an actor. He has had several successful projects and earns about $50300 in every episode.

7. Lee Min Ho

He is a very talented and skilled actor with a promising career. He also gets his money from doing more than one job. He is an actor, a model and he is a singer as well. He is not only rich in terms of money; he also has a reputation in the Korean entertainment world. The great achievements he has have also made sure that he is the holder of more than one award.

6. Yoo Ah In

He worked with Song in the great Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The work he did, gained him prominence and he soon topped the list of attractive entertainers in Korea. He charges $58,700 per episode and has possession of many awards for the Best actor. He is also in the Forbes list featuring Korea Power Celebrities.

5. Lee Seung Gi

He has diverse sources of income because he is a wholesome entertainer. Lee is a singer, entertainer, actor as well as a host. He is a highly skilled individual in all the roles he undertakes in the entertainment industry. He like Yoo Ah In is in the Korea Power Celebrity list and has continuously ranked at the top. Despite the fact that he is no longer actively in entertainment due to his obligatory service, he is still ranked as the fifth richest actor with a price of $58700 per episode.

4. So Ji Sub

He is an experienced actor who is well-known in the Korean entertainment world. He also has various sources of income within the entertainment industry. He earns money from singing and acting. He charges $67000 per episode.

3. Jo In Sung

He is a consistent part of the Korean acting world.  He has a fan base all over the world and makes about $67100 per episode.

2. Hyun Bin

He has taken on so many active roles in the Korean movies and has a high standing among his fans. He has acted in many drama series and has earned a lot of money from them. He charges about $83,900 per episode.

1. Kim Soo Hyun

He is at the top of the list because of how well he does his work. He is also both talented and skilled. Kim is the highest paid actor in the Korean industry and earns $83,900 per episode. It is his skills that make him one of the many sought after actors.

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