Football is both a game and a profession that has attracted a huge number of people towards loving it. Unlike other games, soccer or you can call it football is one of the most popular game. This is a game that far from making people rich has made people with such talents to be respected and enchanted by other lovers of this game. It should be known that football can make one rise from nothing to something; from dust to glory. Now how does soccer makes one rich? This is the big question that many people have been asking. However, it is simple because soccer has led to the creation of both local and international clubs which hires the services of the most talented soccer players in the world.

a very talented soccer player is hired after an intensive negotiation and bid then it means that the land on a chance to receive hefty payments in terms of both salaries and allowances. In that case, despite being a source of fun for these players, it is also a source of wealth. It should be known, however, that it is not easy for the most popular clubs in the world to identify a player from all parts of the world unless such a player shows the most outstanding merits. All in all, soccer is what makes a long list of wealthy players in the world. Let’s now look at the top ten richest footballers in the world.

10. Frank Lampard

Whenever the name “Frank Lampard” is said or written, every lover of football can easily tell you his story. This means that this is a very special sports personality in the whole world. Now what is his source of wealth? It should be considered that Lampard is a popular soccer player who has been in the English league for a very long time. The length of time in which has appeared in the league is one of the reasons why he is rich. Whenever a player makes various appearances in various matches then this translates to more allowances on top of their salaries. He is worth $87 million as we speak and he has been in EPL representing Chelsea for thirteen years running. If we rank him with other British football legend, he is basically the second richest after Wayne Rooney.

9. Ronaldinho Gaúcho

At number nine is the legend of football in Brazil, Ronaldinho. His popularity grew from playing in more than 97 matches within Brazil. During these matches, he was lucky to score more than 33 goals. He has also played in one of the world cups and has played for the popular clubs in Mexico which include Queretaro. It is from playing for the later clubs that lifted him to the world list of top ten players. Taking of wealth accumulated, he is worth $90.5 million. His wealth has also been topped up by the fact that he was selected and voted for the most popular player of the year in 2004 and 2006 respectively. He was also in the limelight after being awarded the Ballon d’Or shield in 2005.

8. Raul

This is a professional Spanish player whose popularity has been accrued from being a striker and for being in various clubs. Has also made his fame from breaking the world record after scoring 323 goals. This was during his sixteen-year reign and service to Real Madrid Club. He has also played for other clubs including the Schalke, Al Sadd, New York Cosmos and eventually Real Madrid where his fame spread like wildfire. His accumulated wealth has reached $93 million.

7. Samuel Eto’o

Amazingly, this is the first African soccer player to have made to the list. He is worth $95 million. His popularity was accrued from being the most outstanding player of the year and he was crowned FIFA World Player of the year. His fame and wealthy has a close associating with being mentioned more than once in the European continental trebles. He remained the most paid footballer for a long period of time and his wealth has also been accumulated from having scored more than 100 goals on behalf of the FC Barcelona.

6. Kaka

He is worth $105 million. Kaka is one of the most popular players in the world and it is amazing how he got himself rich within a very short period of time. Even young boys know Kaka! He is from Brazil and has been engaged to MLs league of the US. He is worth $105 million and this has been accrued from being the most outstanding midfielders. His young days were basically spent at the Real Madrid. It should be noted that he earns $7.2 million per year and has various endorsement that earns him $5 million per year.

5. Wayne Rooney

This is richest player in the whole of Britain. He is worth $112 million and has played in various clubs as well as his country’s national team. He has also played at Manchester United and before that he had joined Everton. His weekly payment amounts to 300,000 pounds. His wealth has placed him at position number five worldwide.

4. Ibrahimovic Zlatan

This is the fourth richest soccer player in the world. He is worth $114 million. His country of origin is Sweden and has been enchanted as the most entertaining soccer personality. He has played for clubs such as the St. Germaine (French League). Being a super striker has earned him a good position at Manchester united and this has further helped him maintain his position in the list.

3. Neymar Junior

This soccer player is at position number $148 million. His talent and popularity has helped him accumulate wealth stated. He is one of the greatest strikers and is from Brazil. His wealth can be attributed to the fact that his income has gradually increased. For instance, he first earned $33.6 in the year 2013 and has risen to a sum of $70 in just a span of one year.

2. Messi Lionel

This is also the most enchanted player and the whole world knows his name and the world does not car to be introduced to him. He is worth $218 million. He is a midfielder and he has the ability to maintain or possess the ball more than any other player. His is very good at dribbling. He has played for FC Barcelona. His wealth has also been increased by having earned the Ballon d’Or five times.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo

This is a Portuguese soccer player who tops the list of the richest sports personalities. He is currently the best player in Portugal, Europe and the world at large. He has the most aggressive behavior in the field and has won many football records while playing for Manchester United as well as real Madrid. He has won the golden Ballon d’Or four times. This has placed him in second position after Messi. His wealth of $230 has maintained him at the top of the list.

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