Manchester United – Team value €3.186m

This is probably one of the most popular and celebrated football team in the world. The team is based in Old Trafford, England. The Red devils as also known are one of the best performing teams in the English premier league. They have won the league title twenty times. They have also carried home the FA cup twelve times and won the European cup three times and that is only a scratch of the surface of all the awards and accolades they have received over the year. It is one of the most loved and valued brand worldwide.

Real Madrid CF – Team value €3.057m

This is a very strong team in terms of performance, management and even financial muscle. The team has been on top of the list for so many years. Real Madrid is owned by more than 85,000 members and it’s not a corporation. On each season it earns an estimate of $500 million. It has one of the world’s most loved football players which make the team marketable. The talented Christiano Ronaldo makes the team enviably valuable and not only him but their lineup is full of superstar athletes. The team has billions of followers which means the biggest corporates in the world are rushing to partner with them for advertisements and endorsements.

FC Barcelona – Team value €2.843m

The Spanish team is the pride of their nation. It is also home to some of the world’s most loved football personalities such as Lionel Messi. The club boasts of winning 24 La Liga cups and 26 Copa Del Rey cups as well and many other more. The club is owned by a group of people who are the shareholders of the club. Their biggest football rival is Real Madrid.

Bayern Munich – Team value €2.523m

The team is from Munich in Germany. They have taken the award for most professional football club in Germany. Their professionalism is definitely one of the factors leading to their great success in terms of wealth. They have won the European cup, the UEFA champion’s cup among other many awards over the years.

Manchester City – Team value €2.049m

Manchester City is an English team playing in the English premier league. The team was originally known as Ardwick Association Football team but then they changed their name to the now popular name Manchester City. Since the club got bought by the Abu Dhabi United Group they have been enjoying the full benefits of good facilities and good salaries. The club has worn 4 FA community shield cups, 5 FA cup winners and 4 Football league cup winners.

Arsenal FC

during the UEFA Champions League match between Arsenal FC and GNK Dinamo Zagreb at Emirates Stadium on November 24, 2015 in London, United Kingdom.

Team value €2.029m

This celebrated team also makes the list. The club is from Highbury in London. The team plays in the English premier league and has been able to secure twelve FA cup championships over the years. They also boast of holding thirteen league titles among many other awards.

Chelsea FC – Team value €1.674m

Chelsea FC is a team based in England. They also play in the English Premier league. During the last ten years the club has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. They came out first place in last season’s English Premier League championships. They have been able to maintain good performance over the last few years hence leading to numerous endorsements and donations from huge international brands. In total they have won 4 premier league titles in the last 10 years, 7 fa cups, 1 UEFA champion league match among others The club is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire.

Liverpool – Team value €1.400m

Liverpool is a popular club as well as a rich club. It comes in at number eight on our list of richest football clubs in the world 2017. The club is from England and they also play in the English Premier league. Fenway sports group owns Liverpool but the majority of the ownership belongs to John W. Henry who also owns The Boston Globe, Boston Red Sox and Roush Fenway Racing. The club has carried home five European cups over the years and three UEFA cups as well. These are just a few of the numerous wins Liverpool has had.

Juventus – Team value €1.277m

This team is from Italy and their home stadium is in Turin, Piedmont. The club is one of the most celebrated across the world and a symbol of national pride and unity for Italy. The club was pioneered by a number of students from Turin and has since been under the management of the Agnelli family. They have been awarded numerous accolades for their outstanding performances since they have won 31 serial A titles among others.

Tottenham Hotspurs – Team value €1.044m

Tottenham Hotspurs is a team that plays for the English premier league in Europe. It is owned by a british billionaire Joe Lewis who formed the Enic group that currently owns the club and he is the chairman. Their home stadium is White Hart Lane in England. The team is quickly catching up in terms of performance in the English premier league. They were able to earn 310 million in revenues alone.

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