There are many black people actors who have put a lot of effort in ensuring that they do well in the field of acting. Everyone is aware that such an effort is in a bid to make a living and live a good life of choice. The black men have shown that they can also do their best in acting. This is because there was once a time Africans were considered to be slaves. They were considered inferior until the time that there was a revolution in America. During this era, Africans have done their best to prove that they are not inferior and can handle various activities. Examples include Barack Obama becoming the president of America and many black actors who have done their best in the field of acting. Therefore, they have shown that they have all it takes to achieve the best. Therefore, they have also accumulated a lot of wealth through acting and this has led to them being ranked depending on their wealth.

10. Murphy eddy

Eddy has done his best in the field of acting and has featured s one of the most talented people in comedy and other types of movies. He was born in 1961 in the month of April. Much of his success has been contributed by the time he has been in Foster care. This is the place they went after they were faced with challenges during upbringing. This happened when their father was involved in an accident and died and they were left with their mother who could not help in taking care of them. Therefore, he grew in this situation until when his success started setting in. This is the time when he appeared on his first show which was called Saturday night live. This time he was disadvantaged because the show was at lowest performance and had few fun. He worked for the show for several years and once again turned it lively using his nice and well-nurtured skills in acting. This made him popular and that is when he started becoming more and more famous. He continued with his work being always motivated and went ahead and worked diligently with the likes of 48 hrs. Trading places and Daddy Day care.

9. Cool J

The real name of this guy is James Smith. However, his name in the profession is none other than the known Cool j. You will be surprised to know what exactly this means. It is funny in that it stands for Ladies love cool James. He has accumulated a lot of wealth from his work as an actor and also a rapper. This has made him feature on the list of most wealthy actors. Cool J nurtured his talent and skills from a young age after his grandfather bought him some musical equipment. He loved hip hop and this is what he actually raps. He became popular after he released his first album and he gained many chances of holding various shows on the television. This helped him a lot in featuring in various super movies such as the S.W.A.T. and many others. Through these methods, he was able to accumulate a lot of wealth.

8. Fox

This man has featured as one of the popular actors in Hollywood. His actual name is Eric Bishop. He was born in the month of December in the year 1967.He was able to feature in the field of comedy in a show which goes by the name Living color. From then he worked extra harder to ensure that his career grew. He went ahead and acted so many movies and this has contributed to him making a lot of money in the field. This has contributed to him making a lot of wealth and become successful. He has acted many movies such as Jarhead and Dream girls. He has also done his best and earned a lot of awards such as BAFTA award for playing his role well.

7. Ice cube

He started his career long time but during that time he was a rapper. The original name is Jackson and he was first in a group which was called N.W.A. The group was doing well but Ice cube later left the group and started working on his own. This had a lot of advantage to him in that he was able to achieve a lot and it is during this time that he got chances of playing many roles in various movies.

6. Morgan

He is very successful in his career and he has achieved a lot from it. He nurtured his career from a very tender age and finally made it to commercial movies. His role in Street smart made a breakthrough in his work and this made him popular which further contributed to his success. In addition to this, he has won many awards.

5. Washington

He is an actor but also he can produce .His work is known everywhere and this has contributed a lot to his success. He has acted various movies such as American gangster and training day. He has also won so many awards before.

4. L. Jackson

He is one of the top earner actors. He is known for his work in acting. His breakthrough came when he featured in Together for Days. He has also played many roles in such movies as The hateful eight and the unbreakable. He has also featured in many other movies and TV series.

3. Will Smith

He has featured in various movies as Men in black, Hancock and the Hitch. He is an actor and also a producer and this has contributed to a lot of wealth.

2. Cosby

He was an author, a musician, an actor and a comedian. He was born in 1937 and his breakthrough was through Tonight show. Later on, he has a lot of many other comedies.

1. Tyler

He led the list and he has been known as a writer, comedian, and a filmmaker. He has been attributed to making of many shows a success such as Love thy neighbour and The haves and have nots.

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