Recover from Google Updates: A Penalty Recovery Guide

My today’s post is gonna be on what is Google panda and how to recover from it. Google Panda is Google’s latest search algorithm. Introduced last year, the algorithm was created to draw a line between awesome sites and not-so-good sites. This update ranks all websites according to the quality and quantity of the quality content on present on them. So, let’s say you had a website about gorgeous girls, it will obviously get more hits and thus be considered a hit by Google Panda. On the same end, if you had a website about how sexy George W. Bush is, it wouldn’t get as many visitors as you’d like and be ranked below-the-belt website (!).

Panda was specifically designed to find out those sites which had been producing low-quality content and were copying others’ content. Now if a site is producing low-quality content, that will be captured by Panda. And if a site is re-publishing other’s content, that will also be captured by Panda. It’s So simple.

Tip: Make it sure you always take care of your content you’re publishing. Never copy anyone’s content, and make sure you write quality content for your blog which help people in real.

Where the update itself needs a little bit of getting used to, it actually is pretty handy. For one, the big companies won’t be listed at the top of the search just for their unbeatable SEO tactics. Secondly, quality content will be prioritized and show on the top of the search engine driving more traffic into your website.

Google panda will not keep you in its community if you have:

1. Copied or Duplicate Content
2. Outdated or Idiotic Content which the Users find Irrelevant
3. Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes
4. Automatically Generated Content
5. Frivolous SEO Content
6. Over Optimization

If you make any of the mistakes above your site is going to be penalized for it now. This, I would like to think, is a plus for quality bloggers. We feel sorry for all the spammers out there who had dreams to make it big through copying someone else’s content and posting outdated material thinking it didn’t matter as long as they got paid.

Alright, let’s get to the “Fixing and Fighting” part of Google Panda. I have a few solutions for you regarding your page ranking and Google Panda. Let’s check them out below:

Don’t copy other blogger’s content:

Give your brain a little warm up. Put your brain to work and produce your own quality content to put on your blog. Never copy content from any other blog. When you are copying content from other blogs you are technically stealing it. Google panda will penalize your blog for copying content. Unleash the dragon and write with your mind and heart. Produce quality content and write it in your own (intelligible) words. Make your posts interesting, worth-the-while, grammatically correct, spelling mistakes will not be tolerated. Keep the above suggestion in mind and write at least every once a week. Update your blog/website and make sure all your links are in working condition. Do not leave your site dormant. It will bring you down where all the sucky sites reside.

Write lengthy content, add videos, images, etc to make it more attractive and easy-to-understand to your readers and followers. Know what your followers are looking for and give them exactly that and more.

Speed up your blog:

Optimize your website to higher, more desirable speeds. Make it user-friendly and relevant to your topic. Google likes websites that are fastest in loading.

No Duplication:

The concept is that when you duplicate or copy some content you are technically ‘stealing’ it. Google Panda is working very well against the theft or original content so you should remove all the data you have ever stolen from someone and vow never to do it again because the punishment to doing so won’t be a few spanks, it will be being dragged down the page ranking chain. If you know what you want to write, then write it the way you feel like it should be written. Don’t be a sore loser. So if you want to save your blog from being deleted or losing ranking then you stop duplicating.

Use relevant Keywords:

We can not impress this point enough, you need to know that the keywords you use can either bring you to the top of the food chain or get you beaten brutally and spat out by a bunch of no-good wannabes. Use the most relevant keywords according to your website and your blog. It will help you get the most traffic from the internet users. I am going to do a post on keywords very soon so keep coming.

Link your website to Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc):

By using these social websites, you will drive more traffic into your website. Your followers/subscribers will follow your posts and in return, Google will start considering you a legit blogger. My next post will be on Social Media so don’t miss it.

Offer Free Promotions:

People like free stuff, we all know that. All website owners should take advantage of this weakness of mankind. Offer free stuff like e-books, music and video downloads etc and you will instantly drive more traffic into your website.

These suggestions may look tough and most of you must be thinking about getting out while you still can but trust us, if you really are serious about what you do then this is the only way to beat the Panda Effect. You need to start working on your website, give it time, pamper it,

love it. If you will work hard on your blog Google Panda will give you the results.

In future, I will also give you free articles that you can publish on your blog for free and you don’t need to worry about copyrights, these will be free PLR articles. So keep reading.

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