Rank tracking tools allow you to monitor where your site is ranking for key search terms. You can also configure alerts for when your site drops below a certain rank or rises above the pack!

Building high-performing keyword campaigns is anything but easy. You need to spend hours upon hours researching, checking, and setting things up. But, that’s not the worst part of it – checking the results can take ages if you don’t have the right software that will do it for you. So, we checked which rank tracking tools the pros are using, which are the most popular, and we chose the best rank tracking software available.

If you want to do proper SEO, you need a rank tracking software. You can’t analyze keywords one by one, or monitor your competition without help. That’s where rank tracking software steps in.

What we’re here to do, is help you determine what you’re looking for in a rank tracking software, show you the main differences of online applications and downloadable software, and help you find the best option.

For start, you should know that there are two kinds of rank tracking – web and software, and they will both save you a lot of time. However, they are far from being one and the same.

What’s the difference between web rank tracking and rank tracking software?

Web rank tracking tools – As the name says, these tools are only available online. There are many free web rank tracking tools, and small businesses tend to use them. If you’re looking only to monitor a few target keywords, these are great, as they won’t be affecting your budget at all. Also, if you need something easily accessible and simple to use, an online tool can be what you’re searching for. However, we have to warn you – these free tools are not 100% accurate, or incredibly fast.

Rank tracking software – These are programs that you have to download and install on your computer. They offer a multitude of useful options that web rank tracking tools do not. However, you do need to pay for these. If you need advanced options, thousands of keywords, and a handy reporting system, these are right for you.

Why is it better to use rank tracking software?

While we do admit that web rank checking tools might seem tempting because they’re mostly free, they are far from being the best out there. When we had to choose, we decided to go with a rank tracking software, rather than an online tool. Here’s why.

  • The Increase in Volume

Rank tracking software can handle a much larger volume of websites and keywords than a web tool. That means that you don’t have to limit your research to mere dozen words. You can check out thousands of options. Plus, the pieces of software we listed here offer different plans, options, and add-ons so you can customize. The best rank tracking software can handle unlimited keywords and websites, and those are the ones you should look for.

  • The Frequency

With rank tracking, the frequency at which the data is gathered is important. With web options, you might find yourself with useless information, because it wasn’t updated in time. Rank tracking software guarantees frequent updates, as well as the possibility to retrieve relevant information as often as you need.

  • The Accuracy

Among the most important advantages of software over web rank tracking options is the accuracy. You see, most online rank tracking tools aren’t nearly as accurate as you might need them to be for great SEO. There are several sources rank tracking software use to determine your ranking. However, if a software only offers one source, that means that you depend on that one source to be completely accurate, and that you’re basing your campaign on it. On the other hand, downloadable software often offers several different sources that they cross-reference for maximum accuracy. That way you’re certain that the results you are getting are correct.

  • Works offline

When it comes to online and cloud ranking tools, they all have one mutual flaw – they are useless if you don’t have an internet connection. How can you possibly rely on a tool that depends on that? Downloadable software can work while offline without a hitch. It already has your data, and you can access and analyze it whether you have WiFi or not.

Things you should look for in a rank tracking software

Some features are neglect-able while others are a must. These are the ones we feel you shouldn’t go without if you’re serious about your SEO.

  • User-Friendly – You need the best rank tracking software that you can quickly learn to use. So look for something with a simple, intuitive control panel. Also, you’ll want software that has a wide range of stats available, so that it fulfills all your tracking needs. Since this isn’t so easy to figure out at first glance, you can check if there are video tutorials for the software you want to get. Once you see one of those, deciding if it is easy to navigate or not will be a piece of cake.
  • Multiple reporting options – If you’re working with several businesses, you’ll want a feature-rich reporting segment. Time alerts and reports for set keywords, daily emails with activity summaries, geo sorting, and white labeling should be on your must-have list. These options will make reporting to clients simpler, not to mention much faster.
  • Multiple search engines – Although Google is among the most popular search engines today, there are several others that you’ll want to rank well for. So, when choosing a tracking software, pick one that covers at least Yahoo and Bing next to Google. Ideally, it will also have the ability to take in websites like Amazon and YouTube.
  • Ranking suggestions – In order to get the most out of rank tracking software, you need one that offers keyword suggestion. That way, you won’t just follow what’s happening right now, but also be able to explore keywords that never crossed your mind before.
  • Competition tracking – One of our favorite features of these programs is just that. You get to mark your competitors, see which keywords they’re ranking for, and jump in on it if it’s working for them. However, only the best rank tracking software offers this option, so if you want it, you might have to pay.
  • Multi- device –Yeah, no one wants to be tied to just one device anymore. So, if you like working on the go and being able to switch from your laptop to your phone or tablet every once in a while, it’s best to choose a program that offers this option.

It’s a jungle out there.

When you start looking up rank tracking software, dozens, if not hundreds, of results will appear. So how do you know which ones are legit? Which one will do the job you need to be done? Sure, there are dozens upon dozens of reviews out there, as well as tutorials, and user experiences, but the mere idea of that much research sounds exhausting, doesn’t it

That’s why we decided to make a definitive top 10 list of best rank tracking software tools.

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