Top 20 FREE Q & A Sites – List of Top Question and Answer Sites

If you are looking for best free question and answer sites list then you are on the best blog because here I am going to share best question and answers sites list with you so that you can ask your questions and find their answers online for free, you can say it’s similar to forums but there are niche specific forums where you can ask question related to that only but in these question and answer sites you can ask any questions you want and you will get their answers very quickly for free

Question and answer sites are great to build high quality backlinks to your blog or website and there are many popular & free question and answer websites like Quora, Yahoo answers etc and you can get instant reply for any questions you ask there So as blogger or webmaster if you get backlinks from these websites then you are rankings will improve in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines as well as you can drive insane amount of traffic to your blog site for free

How Do Question and Answers Websites Works

Suppose anyone asks a question and if that question is related to your niche or topic then you can post your answer there and if the person who asked the question likes your answer and find it helpful then he will choose your answer as the best answer and will give a vote up

How To Get Backlinks From Question and Answer Sites

So here is the trick whenever you answer any question put a link back to your blog or website by this way other people who are looking for similar question might also find your answer useful and will visit your blog to find more information about that topic by this way you can get decent amount of traffic to your blog

Now that you know how question and answer sites can be so useful in building high pr backlinks and traffic now lets see some of the best free question and answer sites

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20 Best Sites to Get Your Questions Answered!


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  1. Very nice collections of question answer sites, i have found here best question answer site over my search experience. and also its great use for my question’s answer,thanks for sharing such a wonderful sites. thank you very much.

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