Other Useful SEO Resources for Link Building

List of Profile Creation Sites

List of Picture sharing websites
List of Article sharing websites
List of PDF submission websites
List of Blog commenting websites
List of Press Releases sites
List of Social bookmarking sites
List of Top PR Directory Submissions Sites
List of Forum Sites
List of Web 2.0 Websites
List of Video Sharing Websites
List of Classified Submission Sites
List of Guest Blogging Sites

List of Search Engine Submission Sites

List of Top Question & Answer Websites

List of Top Document sharing sites

List of Infographic Submission sites

List of Edu Gov Backlinks

List of Ping submission sites

Best Question and Answer sites List 2018:

  1. quora.com
  2. wiki.answers.com
  3. answers.yahoo.com
  4. stackoverflow.com
  5. ask.metafilter.com
  6. answerbag.com
  7. blurtit.com
  8. funadvice.com
  9. askville.amazon.com
  10. allexperts.com
  11. wikihow.com
  12. askmehelpdesk.com
  13. theanswerbank.co.uk
  14. able2know.org
  15. askdeb.com
  16. twitqa.com
  17. question.com
  18. education.com/answers
  19. goaskalice.columbia.edu
  20. asktheref.com

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