The world today, continues to see a massive revolution in the business industries. With the launch of new products and services, companies are growing and shifting the local set up to becoming multinational corporations with a high turnover and raking billions of shillings in revenue. Some companies have gone an extra mile over the years in their operations which has seen them being listed as the top most expensive brands in the world today by Forbes magazine. Among the top ten expensive brands in this category include:

1. Apple

Apple Inc is a multinational company with its headquarters in California was founded in on April 1st 1976 by Steve Jobs as a technological company that deals with the designing, production and selling of electronics, computer software hardware and other online services. The most common products that has seen Apple rise tremendously to become the technological giant it is today include the famous Apple phone, tablets, iPod, iPhone smartphone and the Mac computer. The company which currently employs 123,000 employees on full time basis has a brand value of $170 billion and brand revenue of $214.2 billion making it the most expensive brand in the world.

2. Google

The world we live in has become a small village thanks to Google LLC which is used on almost all modern technological equipment that can access the internet. Google an American technological company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and their headquarters are located in Mountain view, California. Google mainly deals with internet, computer hardware and software products which has enabled them to rise tremendously to become a multinational with brand value of$101.8 billion and brand revenue of $80.5 billion putting it the second most expensive brand in the world.

3. Microsoft

With their headquarters in Redmond Washington, Microsoft is another leading multinational in the technological industry which has made great achievement by developing, manufacturing, licensing and selling of personal computers, Microsoft software and electronics. Some of the products they deal with include: Microsoft windows, Operating systems, Internet explorer, Microsoft office suite and web browsers. Microsoft Corporation has a brand value of $87 billion and brand revenue of $85.3 billion

4. Facebook

Facebookis an online media platform with two billion users around the world who use it for communications and other business purposes. Facebook was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg Chris Hughes, Dustin moskovitz, Eduardo saverin and Andrew McCollum   and is located in California. This technological company has a brand value of $73.5 billion and brand revenue of $25.6 billion

5. Coca-cola

Is a popular soft drink that is carbonated and was originally produced to be used as a patent medicine invented by John Pemberton.The Company was bought by As a Griggs Candler who led Coca-Cola to be a dominant soft drink in the world through his marketing strategies. The drink first originated from United States in 1886 and has different products of the soft drink like diet coke, zero sugar, caffeine free diet coke among others. The company has a brand value of $56.4 billion and brand revenue of $23 billion.

6. Amazon

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and with their base in Washington, Amazon has grown to become a company that carries e commerce operations and does business transactions with merchants all over the world. Amazon retails products like household goods, electrical and electronics, clothes, beauty products among others. THE brand value of Amazon has grown to $54.1 billion and brand revenue of $133 billion.

7. Disney

Officially known as the Disney Walt Company with their headquarters in California, Disney has established itself as a major corporation in the entertainment industry. Many movie productions have been carried out successfully since its founding in October 1923 by the Disney brothers Walt and Roy. This multinational company has grown to be of $43.9 billion brand value and $30.7 billion brand revenue.


8. Toyota

Being an established manufacturer of automobiles Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda with their headquarters in Japan. Toyota has produced above ten million vehicles since 2012 making it a leading giant in the automobile industry with a brand value of $41.1 billion and brand revenue of $168.8 billion

9. McDonald’s

Founded in 1940 the restaurant was operated by Maurice McDonald and Richard in California United States. McDonald’s has grown to be a leading fast food restaurant with branches opening up all over the world putting it at a brand value of $40.3 billion and $85 billion brand revenue.

10. Samsung

With their headquarters in Seoul Korea Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul and is a major leading manufacturer in electronic products, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, medical equipment and solid drives. Samsung has established itself to attain a brand value of $38.2 million and brand revenue of $166.7 billion.

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