Downloads, behaviour, insights, user flow and revenue, everything can be measured with the help of mobile app analytics tool. Here is a comprehensive list of best mobile app analytics tools, compare and see which suits your requirement.

1. Google Mobile Anayltics

When you think of analytics, you probably think of Google first. Luckily, if you use Google Analytics for your website, you can also get your app analyticsonn the same dashboard.

Google App Analytics tool gives you four major metrics, an app analytics must have:

Acquisition – To know newly acquired users
Audience – To know new vs. returning statistics, country/language, app version etc.
Behavior – For event tracking, get reports on speed and crashes
Conversion – Set up a goal, track conversion and see goal flow

GA Standard is free for up to 10 million hits/month. Beyond that GA Premium is recommended at $150,000/year

2. Facebook App Analytics

A free analytics SDK available for iOS, Android and Canvas. It’s one of the newest and simplest mobile analytics tools, with a simple UI that puts the focus on key metrics like app installs and active users rather than the detailed, complex data of Universal Analytics.

Analytics for Apps sorts data into events, funnels, cohorts, segments, and integration. Your app needs to be registered with Facebook to access Analytics for Apps, which is a quick and simple process.

Free to use

3. Flurry

Flurry interface is easy to use and understand. It is mostly based on user-acquisition. It gives you information on active users, sessions, session lengths, frequency, retention, audience persona and demographic.

The free oldest and prominent App analytics tool and now owned by Yahoo is best for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and mobile web.

Free to use

4. MixPanel

The best thing of this tool is real-time data, funnel analysis, in-depth analysis and cohort analysis to track retention. You can opt not to add an additional SDK library to your mobile app. Instead, you implement it on the server-side.

Reports gives you the ability to link between the web users and mobile users, to understand your website’s retention statistics.

Ability to show real-time events happening in the app and with a point-and-click interface is awe inspiring, you can dig deeper into your mobile analytics data.

Free: For 25,000 Data Points
Paid: Starts $150/Month for 500,000 Data Points

5. Localytics

One of the most trusted mobile app analytics tools which is used by many big business. This paid mobile app tool is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML5 apps.

Their platform provides real-time analytics, remarketing data, attribution and more. Their messaging features seem to set them apart from the crowd, so if you are interested in this function, you should check them out.

Free: For up to 10,000 MAUs
Paid: Enterprise packages are available according to requirement

6. Apsalar

Apsalar gives you insights on which marketing campaigns are working and which ones you need to discontinue. They also offer great marketing tools like SmartTags, which give you more detailed analysis of your marketing efforts.

It provides key mobile marketing campaign metrics such as clicks, installs, revenue, ROI and in-app events. You get unlimited event tracking, unlimited attribution tracking, funnel and cohort analysis and on-boarding and on-going support.

Free: With limited features
Paid: Available on request

7. Amazon Mobile Analytics

With Amazon Mobile Analytics, you can measure app usage and app revenue. By tracking key trends such as new vs. returning users, app revenue, user retention, and custom in-app behavior events, you can make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and monetization for your app.

Free: For up to 100 Million Events/Month
Paid: $1/Million Events

8. AppSee

A mobile app analytics tool with a quite unique approach. It is a visual in-app analytics platform that helps measuring, understanding user experience.

Session recording and playback, touch heatmaps, crash recordings and in-app analytics are some unique features of this tool. The tool also provides actionable insights that helps maximize customer engagement.

Free: A 14 days trial of PREMIUM Package with 2 Millions monthly user sessions
Paid: Available on request

9. Appsflyer

An all-in-one marketing tool with analytics. You can track in-app purchases, app installs, and app engagement with one tool. Retention & Cohort analysis, retargeting attribution, In-App events, push API, real time attribution are a few features which all are supported by Appsflyer.

Free: 30 Days Trial
Paid: Starts $0.05 CPI

10. Countly

An open-source mobile app analytics tool that supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps.

You can track events and sets of events that you define from the app. If you want to segment (country, app version, platform), that means you have to think about it before hand.

Free: Self-edition Community Edition for Non-commercial use
Paid: Available on request

11. Amplitude

Get access to this tool for free including features like real-time analytics, cohort analysis, retroactive funnels and user segmentation.

If the user is offline, SDA logs help track events that are stored locally on the phone and uploaded when the user comes back.

You can track daily, weekly, monthly active users and get access to metrics such as sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, app version, location and more.

Free: For 10 Million Events/Month
Paid: Starts $2,000/month with annual MOU

12. Tune

With Tune, you can track numerous marketing data insights in one place such as impressions, ad clicks, app installs, and in-app events.

Free: For up to 50,000 Attributions
Paid: $0.002/Attribution

13. Segment io

Not necessarily an analytics tool, is one tool that helps you integrate multiple app analytics tool with one piece of code. This means that you do not have to install a separate JavaScript code every time you use a new analytics tool on your website.

Free: For up to 1,000 MTUs
Paid: $100/Month per 10,000 MTUs

14. Heap Analytics

By automatically capturing every user action inside iOS Apps and measuring it all after the fact. It tracks clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views. The platform advantage is that it allows to track more in-app events than users thought to log upfront.

Free: For up to 5,000 Sessions/Month
Paid: Available on request

15. AppAnalytics IO

Real-time mobile app analytics for the entire customer lifecycle with crash analytics, heat map analytics and gesture recognition, event based real time In-App Analytics.

Free: For up to 100,000 Datapoints
Paid: $399 for up to 500,000 Datapoints

16. Taplytics

Along with analytics, Taplytics is also a fully integrated mobile A/B testing tool that also allows in-app push notification. BigQuery allows to get access to raw data (experiments, events, or push notifications) to setup custom metrics.

Free: For up to 25,000 MAUs
Paid: Available on request

17. App Annie

Another mobile app analytics tool that doesn’t necessarily track user activity but tracks your app sales. With App Annie, you can track your app data from iTunes, Google Play & Amazon. You can also track your mobile app revenue, downloads, ratings, reviews & rankings in one place.

Free: With Limited Features
Paid: Available on request

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