An Interview with McKel Hill Of Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill, MS, RDN LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Coach, and Founder of Nutrition Stripped. As a leading nutritionist, Nutrition Stripped is the platform for inspiring a global community of millions to pursue a life of balance in wellness. With nourishing recipes like her famous Turmeric Milk, online courses and wellness programs, the best-selling Avocado Love t-shirts, and cookbook. Nutrition Stripped’s mission is to help you Live Whole, Eat Well, and Feel Amazing.

McKel works with clients to improve their health by integrating her vast scientific knowledge of nutrition with a balanced lifestyle approach – a powerful recipe for creating habits to live well. She provides services ranging from 1-1 customized nutrition coaching, speaking engagements, workshops on optimizing your health, and consults privately for corporate wellness.

1. Can you explain how the idea for Nutrition Stripped first came about? How did your journey into health and nutrition evolve

I developed Nutrition Stripped as a way to share my passion with the world, create a business and lifestyle that I truly loved waking up to everyday, and as a way to connect with like-minded women by helping them achieve their goals and optimize their lifestyle. I also encourage, if you’re interested, to read the interviews on my Press page for more career focused questions and answers- I have some great material in those as well!

2. What do you aim to achieve through Nutrition Stripped

My mission is to simply show how easy, delicious, and fruitful eating and adapting the Nutrition Stripped whole food lifestyle can be! It’s all about embracing foods from the earth, getting back to basics, cultivating balance in your life and truly LIVE-ing a lifestyle rather than jumping from one fad diet to another. Nutrition Stripped is simply my platform to share my lifestyle with everyone and also for people to view it as a helpful resource!

3. Can you describe some of the nutritional services you offer through Nutrition Stripped

I work with clients all over the world spanning from different states in the US to New Zealand, Spain, Australia, the UK and more. I primarily work with women to help them optimize their health, whether it’s increasing their food intake to gain lean muscle mass, maintain a lean figure year round, help with transitioning to a whole foods lifestyle, food allergies, etc. We always talk about the whole picture of life and how it effects our eating habits- we take it to the next level with my nutrition protocol, making lifestyle changes, and addressing fitness which is so important.

Locally in Nashville, I offer private cooking lessons, grocery shopping tours, pantry makeovers and launching November 2014, Nutrition Stripped Supper Clubs– an amazing way to connect with fellow health foodies in the community over delicious foods.

Another resource and service I offer, are my downloadable nutrition tip sheets, which are great for individuals looking to take small steps to improve their health. These are tips I truthfully use myself!

4. Do you have any advice for young career women who want to lead a healthy lifestyle

Never give up. Recognize there will be struggles, challenges, and times where you want to give up, but if you truly want to achieve your dream and live out your passion you must follow your heart and your truth and keep going!

Also, the comparison game is toxic. There’s no need to compare yourself to others who have been established in the field for quite some time, they all started from the bottom at one point as well- if anything it should be a source of inspiration and encouragement for you to find your own unique voice and shout it to the roof tops.

One more note, balance! Create and manifest balance in your life- from the foods you eat, activities you do, relationships you have, and thoughts you entertain.

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