10 Best Mandarin Classes for Kids and Adults in Singapore

With China’s continued rise globally, the ability to communicate effectively in Mandarin remains as important as any key skill. Singapore’s exposure to multiple cultures, in addition to strong relations with the mainland, means that Mandarin will remain continue to remain relevant. Besides, it can never hurt to explore the provenance of our culture – as Chinese, we should explore our mother tongue and know it well.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such high emphasis is placed on developing strong fundamentals in Mandarin during a child’s formative years. Although it may seem like a chore, learning Mandarin can in fact be a very fun-filled experience! In this article, we sourced out the 10 best Mandarin classes in Singapore, for your kid to find joy in learning Mandarin and to learn it well.

1. Tien Hsia Language School

Established in 1989, Tien Hsia has been a mainstay in the Chinese enrichment industry for as long as it gets. Tien Hsia’s small class sizes ensures that absolute focus is dedicated to your child. What’s more, at the Pre-school level, Tien Hsia infuses games, songs and rhymes into the syllabus, on top of the standard of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In fact, based on a survey done by Forbes Research, Tien Hsia has emerged as the number 1 choice of parents as a Chinese Language provider. With close coverage of the MOE syllabus, parents can be confident that Tien Hsia will prepare their children well, on top of inculcating a love for the language.

2. Berries

Berries is a popular Chinese tuition centre that focuses on “social interaction, instilment of values and curriculum understanding”. Focusing on the pre-school and primary levels, Berries promises to deliver a thorough and enriching education of the Chinese language. It is a great avenue for young children to develop their love and knowledge of Chinese, which will serve them well in time to come.

3. Han Language

Han Language’s mission is a simple but potent three-liner: “Enjoy Chinese, Master Chinese, Love Chinese”. Founded in 1993 by a veteran of the Chinese scene in Singapore, principal Ann Jong Juan, Han Language imparts this wealth of experience and knowledge to its students. With his many accolades, Han Language has a whole host of programmes to prepare Primary School children for their examinations, unleashing their passion and potential in the Chinese language. The use of iPads in lessons will also allow students to read and listen to fun Chinese stories, all while learning the language effectively.

4. Hua Language Centre

Hua sets out some ambitious goals – whether it is to build a sturdy Chinese language foundation, conquer your child’s Chinese exams or even make them “China ready”, they’re up to the task. With a premium focus on Speech & Drama at the Pre-school level, and using animations and mnemonics at the Primary and Secondary levels, Hua makes it easy for your children to learn and excel in Chinese.

5. Little Mandarins

Little Mandarins pedagogy focuses not on teaching the Chinese language, but letting the children learn it instead. That translates to placing emphasis on a the personal development of a child, through the LM LearningSpace, which has 5 key principles: Play, grow, make, care and share. Coupled with their fast-paced and challenging syllabus, and customised attention through small class sizes, Little Mandarins can help your children to attain that level of proficiency in Chinese.

6. EduGrove

At EduGrove, they believe in delivering every lesson in a fun and interactive way. At their centres, they seek to break away from the rigid ways of teaching Mandarin and instead, focus on teaching through word games, drama, role-playing and discussion sessions which are all centred upon engagement and fun. Not only will your child become more vocal, he/she will also gain that much-needed confidence to tackle the Chinese language.

7. Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Remember the Julia Gabriel Centre, which specialises in English speech and drama? Chengzhu Mandarin Centre is the sister branch of Julia Gabriel’s English endeavour, dedicating an entire Chinese environment for children to be immersed in the language and culture, likewise through drama. Their holistic approach and custom programmes to cater to specific needs ensures that every child can have the best possible enrichment experience at Chengzhu.

8. Chinese Lab by The Learning Lab

At The Learning Lab, a household tuition centre name, they have launched the Chinese Lab, which is fully dedicated to Chinese tuition and enrichment programmes. Their forward-thinking attitude shows in their aim to groom children to eventually become global citizens who are able to navigate a bicultural world with ease. Aside from a rigorous focus on the Chinese syllabus, Chinese Lab also seeks to cultivate an appreciation of Chinese contemporary and classical culture, and an understanding of China’s business and political landscape. If you are looking for something advanced for your child, look no further.

9. Skylace Language School

Skylace Language School s a pioneer in the field of Chinese tuition, having been established since 1989 and was the first private Chinese language school to be approved by MOE. With over 25 years of Mandarin teaching experience, you can be sure that they know how to navigate their way around the Chinese syllabus in Singapore.

10. KidStartNow

KidStartNow offers a novel experience to children in teaching Chinese. With a combination of growth mindset and gamification, they motivate children to believe in themselves and work harder to achieve their goals. For instance, children are given digital coins when they participate in class or do homework, which can be exchanged for rewards. Learning Chinese then becomes less of a chore and more of a fun experience for these children.

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