There are millions of ways to make your blog go viral but they most effective of the strategies are not much. Many bloggers have going viral in a short span of time while it took some bloggers couple of months and years. Going viral is not a day job but requires passion and action. The steps I’ll be mentioning below are not just traffic strategies but ways to increase your backlinks, your alexa rank and pagerank. Check out here to know more about google pagerank update. Now back to making your blog go viral, what are the simple and little ways to make your blog go viral? Good question!

Make Your Website Go Viral

1 Content

When writing a content, as yourself this questions;

Will it benefit my readers? Content is the most important aspect that will actually make your blog go viral. Are your readers going to find it interesting to the extent of sharing it? Before your  blog post can go viral you have to post quality contents that are very explanatory, with great and tempting headline, your blog post might be long or short but its only the contents that matters, include practicals in your post, give your readers assignment to do, yea! they love sharing stuff like  this. If you have great content and you readers love your post, they can as well share it to their followers on social media, and with this you’ll go viral. Want to get the best out of your content? Check out my guide on how to write quality content

2 Guest Posting

Guest posting has been the first on the list of many blogs when it comes to generating traffic online, here’s is the clue, create a list of blogs in your niche that you want to submit guest post to, follow their guidelines and send a draft using their contact form or whichever means they want. If accepted, you’ll get familiar with their audience and backlinks to your blog also. Take a step to guest blogging addict and get known round the blogosphere.

3 Social Media

Use social media and forums in your niche to market your blog or blog post, there are billions of people that use this social media and advertising yourself using that medium pays a lot, for your post to go viral, be the first to share them on social media like Facebook and Twitter, who knows! you followers can also help you share them through that medium and their followers sharing it too and on and on, think of the sharing cycle. Are you ready to create a powerful social media presence? Start implementing these social media strategies

4 Social Bookmarking Sites

You can Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon Digg and many others and at the same time, add the social bookmarking plugin to your blog, when readers find your blog post interesting and helpful, they’ll definitely bookmark it.

5 Mention other Bloggers

Don’t just blog about yourself, blog about other bloggers in your niche or even outside your niche. oh! you are of losing your readers to another blog, if your audience are looking for other blog, Google can’t even stop them, whats the difference? If you have an idea of something and you know a blog that elaborated it, why not include the blog’s link, the blogger can get a trackback and eventually share your post to his audience. You can also  request other bloggers to mention your post in topics related to yours, but before that you have to do something for them which will make they mention you in turn, things like mentioning them too (mentioned above), subscribing to their blog, following them on Facebook and twitter, no! they will definitely mention you. Find out more tips on steps to

6 Search Engine Optimization

SEO have its role to play in making your blog post go viral so don’t forget SEO, there are many rules to follow like, avoiding too much use of keywords in a blog post and buying links which I call black hat, it won’t take you anywhere; tweak your blog post for seo before publishing, so please optimized your blog perfectly. To know more about seo and dominating the search engine check out my killer seo strategy

7 Join Blogging Community

Get to know other bloggers by joining groups and tribes, there are many tribes and groups on social medias like Facebook and LinkedIn, join them, get known, exchange links, Comment on their blogs and share their blog posts, they will do the same in return. I recently joined triberr and i think I’m falling in love with it because it works, members can tweet your post to thousands of their followers and bam! it goes viral. Justretweet is also a great place to splash your blog post all over social media, your blog post will be shared on twitter, facebook and google plus and remember, the more the social media share, the higher the ranking. Check out some lists of blogging communities to promote your blog

8. Comment on Blogs in your Niche

Try being the first to comment on blogs, create a interactions and your comment must not be short. Posting comments is the most easiest way of generating traffic and creating backlinks to your blog.I hate it when people just say “great post”. No! Not just that, its a great post but what do u like in it, which one have u implemented and which one are you about to implement, make your comment outstanding and you’ll be noticed.

In conclusion

Be interactive with your readers,make your readers understand you, give them what they want they will surely come back and even help in making your blog post go viral. Have you implemented any method on your blog? what are the ways you make your blog go viral? we would love to hear them.

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Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Follow Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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