How To Get Paid For Blogging On WordPress

Making money from blog is gaining importance day by day. Many bloggers make great deal of money online through blogging. Have a look at the top money bloggers around the world (some of these bloggers make millions of dollars through blogging).  Do you have good writing skills but you are looking to get paid to write? This post will be good guide for you.

So, how can you get paid for blogging ?

You have two options

  1. Get paid blogging in your own blog . 
  2. Get paid blogging in others blog(guest blogger).

Let’s have a detailed walk through these 2 methods.

Get paid for blogging Method 1 – Start your own blog

The first option is to make money from your own blog. You need to start your own blog and bring traffic to it in order to get paid from your blog. The whole process is about writing high quality blogposts and building relationship with  your readers .

Select the right niche for your blog

First of all, you need to select your niche. I’d recommend you to start your blog in a niche where in which you have great knowledge. If you are expert in your niche, you can provide top quality articles in your blog. When it comes to 2016, blog quality has great importance. There is no point in simply reading other people’s content and re writing it in your blog. Google(who can be your greatest traffic source) is really intelligent to differentiate between cheap and quality blogposts. High quality original blog posts are the ones that add value. This is why it’s really important for you to pick a niche in which you have great interest. If you have great interest in a niche, your blogposts will get better automatically.

Build traffic to your blog.

In those early days, major percent of blogging job was merely about publishing good contents. When it comes to 2016, things have changed a lot. You need to promote your blogposts in order to get good SEO as well as traffic  You can do,

  • Social Media Promotions
  • Email campaign/outreach
  • Forum Promotions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog networks

Now, how can you make money from your blog?

Here, I am going to list some methods through which you can make money from your own blog.

Different methods through which you can make money from your blog

There are a number of ways to make money from your blog, have a breif look at some of the popular methods.

If want a detailed reading, have a look at my advanced guide to make money online from your blog.

1. Google Adsense(Contextual advertising)

Google adsense is the most favorite method of bloggers in order to make money from blogging. Google publishes advertisements in your blog and you’ll get paid when readers click on the ads. I’ve been using adsense for 10 years. This is what I’ve learned from making money with google adsense.

  • You need to have good traffic – I’d say you need to have atleast 500 unique visits a day in order to make some money with google adsense. If you have very less traffic (like 100 unique visits a day), it is really hard to make good money with adsense.
  • Pick a good niche – Adsense payout(click rate) varies on niche basis. Some niche has good cost per click, for example, you are prone to make 10X revenue from a health blog than from a celebrity blog with same traffic.

2. Affiliates

Through affiliate marketing , you can make commissions per sale. You’ll get paid if  readers buy affiliate products (clicking your affiliate product links from your blog). For instance, if your blog is about photography, you readers will be interested in cameras too, you can recommend/sell cameras through your blog.

Some of the popular affilaites are,

  • Amazon affilaites- You can sell amazon products and earn commissions through your blog. Amazon generally offers 5-10 percent commission.
  • Commission Junction -CJ offers good commission rates overall.
  • Template Monster- Offers 30 percent per sale.
  • Bluehost affilaites- Offers flat 65$ per signup.

3. Advertising

If your blog does have traffic, you can sell ads in your blog and get paid for it.

4. Selling products.

Through posting quality blogposts, you can bring traffic to your blog niche. Once you attain some good traffic, you can sell some products(digital/physical) products in your niche and can get paid for it.

5. Writing ebooks(Selling premium contents)

Ebook is one of the hottest digital product which you can sell through your blog. Here, in Rahuldigital, I have written a post about making money through programming. I am also selling a premium ebook to make money online on behalf of these readers. Likewise, you can offer your premium content as ebook before your readers.

Get paid for blogging Method 2 – Be a contributor to other blogs.

If you are following the first method(starting your own blog) ,you need to have some patience. Blogging business is a long run game, most probably, you wont make any single penny till your blog gets established. It takes some time for a new blog to catch up and produce regular readers.

If you are looking for some quick money scheme through blogging, it’s better writing in other blogs and getting paid. You can get paid blogging in other blogs, in other words, being a guest blogger. As I said above, content is the success factor of any blog and many succesful blogs out there are looking for good content providers. In most cases, you’ll be paid a flat fee for your blogposts.

How can you be a guest blogger ?

You can’t simply be a guest blogger in these blogs. Keep in mind that the people who pays you for guest blogging are reputed bloggers(people who make real money from their blog). These people know the value of good quality content and they won’t accept any cheap quality content.

How to find guest blogging opportunities

So how can you find these bloggers who pays you for blogging? Let us have a look at some of the possible methods to find paid blogging opportunities.

Ask google! You may search in google with the following query,

“Your Niche + Write for US”
“Your Niche + Guest Blog”

Replace “Your Niche” with the niche in which you are blogging(ex: Nutrition).

This will list the blogs which have created pages to welcome guest bloggers.

You can also do a google advanced search

allintitle: write for us paid

allintitle: write for us

Check the contact form of a blog

Just visit the contact form of a blog. Many bloggers make themselves clear whether they are looking for guest bloggers in their contact form.

Listverse offers flat 100$ for blogpost accepted.

Contact them directly

Even if you didn’t find any guest post related details in a blog, it wont be a bad idea to send them a personal message in your interest to guest blog. Ask them whether they are interested in paying for guest posts. You need to draft a standard email to these bloggers describing briefly about the content you are planning to write in their blog. It will also be good if you could share some of your previous blogging experiences(blogposts).

You can use this email template to pitch a guest blog.

Hi (bloggers name),

I’m a long time reader of your blog. I should say that you are doing a great job with your blog( .

I’d love to be a contributer to

I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would find interesting.

-Blog post idea #1

-Blog post idea #2

-Blog post idea #3

I did a search in your blog and didn’t find any article with similar idea.

I have great experience in blogging and I assure to bring great quality to the blogpost I write for you.

To give you an idea about quality which I am providing, here are some links to some of my previous blog posts.

#blogpostlink 1
#blogpostlink 2



You can approach these bloggers and make a contact with them. If they like your article, they may ask you to contribute more to their blog. The more you contribute, the more your will be paid .

Some of the popular blogs that pay you for writing

Many blogs out there pays for writing for them. Have a look at some of the popular blog sites that pay you for blogging.

1. TopTenz

Niche: Lifestyle, travel, science

Rate Offered per blogpost:  $50

2. ListVerse

Niche: Top 10 lists

Rate offered per blogpost: $100

3. TheKrazyCouponLady

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, coupon

Rate offered per blogpost: $100

4. International Living

Niche: Entrepreneurship, travel

Rate offered per blogpost: $75

5. TutsPlus

Niche: Tutorials(Technical,Programming)

Rate offered per blogpost: $50

6. CollegeHumor

Niche: Humor

Rate offered per blogpost: $25

7. WorldStart

Niche: Tech

Rate offered per blogpost: $25-$50

8. ScaryMommy

Niche: Parenting

Rate offered per blogpost: $100(approximate)

9. A List Apart

Niche: Web development

Rate offered per blogpost: $200

10. AppStorm

Niche: Mobile Applications

Rate offered per blogpost: $60

Hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost about getting paid for blogging. Out of this two methods, you can select the one thats apt for you. If you are looking for a serious sustainable revenue(or a blogging business) start your own blog. As I said, making money from your own blog is a long run game. If you are looking for some quick money, go for the second method, you don’t need to wait , you’ll get paid for your work. Keep in mind that quality is what that count these days, people out there are looking for quality blogposts. Providing quality to your blogging can build your own brand and thereby you can make good deal of money through blogging.

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