6 Best Ways For Programmers to Make Money Online

There are lots of sources in the internet for a programmer to make revenue. And its very interesting that most of these sources are capable in making a full time income for you. I’ve categorized all these sources to 6 types.

How a programmer can make money from internet?

These are the major 6 methods through which you can make money online with your coding skills.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Start a personal website
  3. Develop games
  4. Build trendy applications
  5. Participate in programming contests
  6. Give advertisements in business listing directories

1: Freelancing

There are lots of websites which provides freelancing, the deal is about selecting the best one from it. If you go over these websites you can find that lots of people depend on these ones for full time income. Some people shares lots of interesting reasons also to do freelancing, some of them are.

  • Flexible work schedule- Some like to work in the midnight , and freelancing makes this possible.
  • More money- Once you build good reputations you can earn much more money than an average pay from a firm.
  • Interest of work- Can work on areas of their expertise and interest.
  • Relation with the client- Can interact with the client directly and may be a long term work relationship.
  • You can work as you wish, if you don’t want to work just don’t work .


Freelancer is the most popular portal which allows you to bid on projects, there are lots of projects in freelancer. But as high as the projects, there are lots of bidders also which makes freelancer a tough platform to survive, but once you get good reviews its very easy to get projects.

First of all you need to sign up creating a profile, your profile should hold all your key skills. Your skill set numbers, as well as number of bids per day would be limited based on the plan you are taking.There are free and paid plans.

How can I get good reviews in freelancer?

Freelancer is all about reviews, you can bid on a project in the sellers section. When you find a project matching your skill set, you can place a bid on it for a price and a time frame to complete it. Once you complete the work, the customer can give you positive reviews based on your work and this reviews shows how trusty are you. More work quality gives you more positive reviews. You will be getting works based on your reviews.

Freelancer Contests

Freelancer have the contest section where you can participate in a contest, this is mainly aimed at designers (for logo ,banners etc) . You can enter a contest and submit and entry, you will get the prize money if you emerge out as the winner.


Freelancer also holds affiliate program, from which you can earn money, referring peoples to freelancer. Have a look the freeelancer affiliate section.

Apart from freelancer, there are other websites where you can do freelancing.

  • Odesk – One of the worlds most popular freelancing platform.
  • Elance – Elance is best for php freelancing.
  • GetaCoder
  • ThemeForest – You can sell your web applications in themeforest and sell it in their market place. Best if you know WordPress.

You should also read –Six ways to make 5000 $ USD per month through blogging , where I’ve mentioned methods to earn money through your blog. It contains true income report of people who makes more than 75,000 USD per month from their blogs . Programmers can always start programming blogs ,go through the article if you want to make some money through blogging.

2: Start a personal website

This is another way of making income online. You can share your programming ideas and tips through your website(may be in the blog section). The design should be very pleasing and what you share inside the website should reflect your identity and skills. In fact you are branding yourself. You will get lots of reach in between programmers and other people of common interest. Share your portfolios too inside the website. Reply to the comments and clarify the doubts of the visitors regularly. This kind of interactions makes you popular in the circle, and amount of trust rises day by day which brings you income and clients in many ways.

What all type of income can you generate?
  1. Online services- Once you’ve built your brand and trust, you will get works from clients online. And its very much different from the type 1(freelancer.com and others) where we are requesting the client for the work in a price set by him.Here,in fact , the ball is in your court and you can fix the price( which is a different scenario). Mkyong is a good example, you can hire them for java programming.
  2. Online Consultation You can provide online conference or consultations and charge rates on hour basis. Lots of people do this , Harsh Agarwal provides this type of consultation for WordPress.
  3. Google Adsense- Google adsense is one of the biggest sources of online income, deliver good quality content and you will get good click through rates.
  4. Advertisement- You can sell link or banners in your websites once you get some traffic.

How can you start your own personal programming blog(website)and make money from it?

Let’s have a look at the 3 major steps in starting your own blog

  1. Registering a domain (example.com)
  2. Signup for a hosting
  3. Installing WordPress

Interested in starting a new blog? I believe you are a programmer, starting a blog will be much easier for you. Most of these million dollar bloggers I’ve mentioned does have zero or very less technical background. Start a blog and share all your programming knowledge with the world. Once you have a good readership, you can make money from your blog(through advertising, affiliate marketing, contextual advertising(like Google adsense etc)).

I am recommending you to use bluehost (the most affordable hosting in 2016), click the below banner link to get a discount for your signup.

Through this bluehost signup you’ll be getting,

  1. A free domain(.com)
  2. Unlimited hosting space
  3. 1 Click WordPress install(Yes, you can setup your first WordPress blog in 5 minutes with bluehost)

3: Develop games

Game developing is one of the areas were lots of programmers make some cash. If you have a taste and interest to it you can certainly make some income out of it.

  • Game development got lots of scopes, you can develop games and sell them in half especially xbox games.
  • You can can also develop android /ios games and sell in the market.
  • Fupa also provides great opportunity to sell your games online
  • FGL is another good portal through which you can make money developing games

4: Build trendy applications

  • Build an application of your own(say a million dollar idea) and market it through different kinds of media, not only internet but also other media. You may need to wait a long period to generate some revenue out of it, but at the end of the day you will certainly earn some bucks out of it. It doesn’t matter whether your application gets popular or come out as a success. If its a good idea and have coded decently, you can sell your application for a good price. So ultimately you will be hard work will be rewarded.

You can make a great deal of money not only through building big mass applications but also through small modules or plugins . Especially WordPress plugins are of great demand, you can read my article on Making money with WordPress Plugins

5: Participate in programming contests

There are websites which provide online contests, you can participate in these websites with your profile and make some easy money.Top Coder is such a website which offers online contests for programmers.

How does top coder work?

Topcoder is an online program where you can can compete with other members. The one who writes the best code emerges out as the winner. This also brings you good reach to big companies who are looking for talented coders. You can participate in the programming contests launched by them along with other members, and the interesting factor is that you can see the codes written by other members also (which shows us the different approaches to the same problem). So its a very good learning process too.

Add your college details also , so that it gets rated too . Here is list of top rated colleges in top coder.

This is what you need to participate in a contest in topcoder.

  • Download the topcoder arena.
  • Install it, login ,and select the room and SRM ( single Round Match).
  • After entering the match, another window will be opened with the question and you can type your code inside.
  • You can compile your code before submitting, and if its error free submit the code.
  • You may test the code by selecting the Run System Test option, so that you can re submit the code with some modifications .

6: Give advertisements in business listing directories.

Well, even though you are not running any company or doing some big business , you can list your profile as “Php programmer or Java programmer ” or whatever so that you can get enquirers from clients for freelance works. Don’t forget to include your skills and demands also

You can advertise in

For sure you can make money through these methods I’ve mentioned ,but the range will depend on how wise you are going to utilize it. Good luck to all programmers who are trying to make some money online.

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