The lottery is the game with the number and depends on winning odds and lucky guesses. These are the sources of hopes and dreams around the world. When a jackpot reaches a specific height, many people rush to get lotto tickets, offline, as well as online and they start to make plans as to what they are going to do when they win money. When it comes to choosing the best lottery, there are many factors that you need to take into account such as the prizes and winning odds. So, we have compiled a list of the best lottery games in the world for your convenience.

1. US Mega Millions

No doubt, the ones that make it to the top of the list are the American lotteries. This is because they offer large prizes, especially Powerball and Mega Million, the two giants of US Lotto. Mega Millions is one of the familiar games that you will come across. It is known to have distributed the second largest prizes in the history of online lottery in India and around the world. This was won on 2 tickets. Also, the world record has been written under the same name and was won on 2-3 tickets.

2. US Powerball

US Powerball makes the history of the American lottery so special. It has the best prizes and is pretty dynamic. The game turned better when it came with changed rules in the year 2012. After the change, the initial jackpot had been doubled and the range of guess had been made smaller. The second prize of the Powerball was $2 million. Following 2013, it had made the headlines with the nine-digit prize and a jackpot prize of $590.5 million.

3. Euro Millions

The leader of all Lotto games, Euro Millions is a game reuniting the organizations of lottery from various countries. This means that it is a multinational game. The top prize of the game might go as high as €190 million. Sometimes, special draws are organized by Euro Millions called the EuroMillions Superdraw as the jackpot jumps to €100 million, in spite of the amount won from the last draw.

4. EuroMillions UK

This based on the classic lottery game, EuroMillions and is based in United Kingdom. It adds more excitement to the game since the draws include a raffle. The tickets of the lottery have a code which needs to match the one with the draw for you to be a winner. Every winning code is going to provide you with £1million if the number is printed on your ticket. The special draws of this mean taking out numbers with such codes generally 100. This makes 100 millionaires in just one night. However, these games are not available in online casinos like Jammin Jars casino.

5. EuroJackpot

It is the youngest lottery in Europe; this game is gaining more importance. As a matter of fact, it is more popular than EuroMillions. Also, there are many countries that participate in it since it is the leading European lottery. There are 14 countries that come together for the draw of the lottery game.

6. Powerball Australia

It is the best in its own country. This lottery game is easy to play and is based on the format of US Powerball. There is no comparison to the jackpot that is distributed by the American lottery. However, the top prizes can go as high as 80 million AUD. There are greater chances of you taking the jackpot back home.

7. Loteria De Navidad

The draw happens every year and this title is actually a raffle. The great thing about this is that it provides a prize of €2.24 billion. This is might be the reason it is so popular among people.  Another the reason it is popular is that it is integrated into the traditions of Christmas such deeply that it buying the tickets of Loteria de Navidad has turned out to be a tradition.

8. La Primitiva Spain

This is a Spanish lottery game which has been gaining popularity since 2013. There are weekly draws which take place on Saturdays and Thursdays. These have been significant peak times when the record of the jackpot has reached €66.6 million in 2013’s August. The amount just kept on increasing from 2005 when the jackpot had been €24.92 million.

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