Make Sure Your Law Firm Gets Found Online With Effective SEO Practices

Search engine optimization is an integral part of your law firm marketing plan.  Get found, build trust, and turn online searchers into new clients for your practice.

SEO is all about authority.  The websites that rank at the top of organic results have established a level of content authority in Google’s digital view of things.  For general terms or specific legal issues, Google thinks people in your area will want to see your website.

Developing that authority is what the tricks of the trade are all about with SEO.  Ultimately, it still does come down to keywords and content.  But the keywords are variations on phrases, and the content has to be useful to people.  Today, it’s more about being true than tricky.

SEO is also advertising – an often overlooked aspect of the discipline.  While many people begin their search with the intent of getting information, most of them are in need of legal services – or they wouldn’t be searching on legal topics.

Legal online content works best when it combines useful, introductory information with persuasive calls-to-action that imply the best step is to get a consultation and retain counsel.

Natural Listing Ads is an SEO service that puts these pieces together for your law firm.  We look at all the factors – from social media to keyword targeting – and ensure that you get a strong, organic search presence.

In the end, it’s about long-term returns.  The biggest advantage of SEO traffic is that you don’t pay per click, unlike PPC advertising (which has its own set of advantages).

So, the more traffic you can draw in, the more chance you have to get new clients.

Make the investment in SEO done right, and over-time you’ll see excellent returns.

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