If you are a young 14 years old looking to earn an extra buck, turn on your computer and then find many free online jobs for 14 year olds. Find something you are passionate about and you will soon get paid for doing what you love. Watch the video to learn the free money making ways for 14-year-old teens.

6 Part Time Online Jobs For 14 Year Olds that Pay Good Money

1. Photography

All you need for photography is a decent camera and some basic editing skills. Here the scope is wide, you can do events, nature, food among many others. You can get jobs online, from your friends and family.

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2. Makeup

If you are a good makeup artist, take it a step further and try to earn money from your hobby.

3. Sell Your Extra Items

Maybe you have some shoes that you don’t wear anymore, a gaming console that you have outgrown or any other item that you don’t use. You can sell these items on platforms like eBay and Etsy and earn money.

4. Offer Lessons

If you are good in something like drawing or playing an instrument you can offer training services for a fee.

5. Set up a Stand

If you can prepare homemade drinks or food, go the next mile, set up a stand and sell your products.

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6. Babysitting Jobs for 14 Year Olds

As a babysitter, you can earn a decent amount of money. You do not need to have enough experiences. But you must be dedicated.


Since as a 14-year-old your skills are not top notch yet, one pro-tip is to charge a little less than the established professionals. These are some of the available online jobs for 14 year olds. You will get paid up to 150 dollars a week.

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