The first pair of jeans were crafted and worn in the year of 1873 when Levi Strauss along with Jacob Davis made a type of clothing and named it as “Jean”. In early days, jeans were worn by miners and workers as the fabric was very tough. Later on, with the evolution and onset of fashion industry, jeans became an integral part of today’s fashion world. The style statement not just rests till Louis Vuitton bag or an expensive accessory but also rotates largely around the pair of jeans one wears. Marshall Cohen, at NPD group, N.Y. base of consulting firm says that “The trend has become hot for almost five years” which he finds to be “very rare in fashion industry”. Quality denim is a passion these days and if anyone wishes to decorate their wardrobe that speaks of elegance and taste, then, luxury denim is a must-have. The designer labels who craft these luxury huate dungarees offer a price ranging from $300 to as high as $4000 and it is a surprise that the customers, still, are too many. These are the people “who want the look of the moment, hot off the runway and regardless of price” as stated by Colleen Sherin, fashion market director at retailer Saks Fifth Avenue

Here are the top 10 lists of expensive jeans in today’s world.

1. Secret Circus

No doubt they have become a fashion sensation. If there is any discussion about expensive jeans in this world, it would only be an act of “unawareness” if Secret Circus is not discussed. The pair of jeans sewed with “diamonds” on their back-pocket costs $1.3 million. The look is simply just classy and the high-quality diamonds has made the ‘frenzy sensation’ in fashion world.

2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim

They are next pioneers that top the chart after Secret Circus. A pair of Dussault Apparel can cost somewhere around $250,000. The designers make these jeans with utter craftiness. The fabric is washed 13 times before it reaches the final stage of stitching. The jeans makers at Dussault are expert in creating clothing that have exclusive fit and a taut design.

3. Levi Strauss & Co.

How can the inventors who started this trend lag behind on the list? Levis Strauss & Co. has been the ‘leader of the way’ and they know the methods of treating denim like no other. A signature a Levi jean normally has a vintage look but Levi also has expertise in making almost all types of jeans. In the year 2005, a pair of Levi jeans was sold for $60,000 in an auction on Ebay. The jean was a pair of pre 1900 Levi Strauss and Co. 501 jeans that are very rare in this whole world.

4. Escada

Escada is another answer if the jeans lovers are looking for magnificent color pattern on luxurious fabric embellished with precious jewelry. They are one of the leading women jeans brand in the world. A single pair of Escada jeans can cost as high as $10,000.

5. APO

Alpha Phi Omega is also a brand that is a choice of people who like to maintain a style statement. These jeans can be customized as per the customer’s wish offering diamond, gold or silver buttons. The rivets on the cloth are made of precious metals, thus, attracting the high-status people. Additionally, the customer can also get pockets made out of silk material that certainly grabs a lot of attention. The most alluring fact about this jeans is that every jeans is made with a label that has owner’s name and an ID number on it.

6. Gucci

There is nothing that comes out of France which is not luxurious, elegant and expensive. Gucci, a brand found in France by Guccio Gucci has become another pioneer in making the expensive and classy jeans. The brand is very famous and always has been associated with celebrities from all over the world. The makers of jeans at Gucci are very conscious with making the finest piece of material that looks stylish and is comfortable at the same time.

7. Alexander McQueen

The brand is led by creative director Sarah Burton who is famous for designing the wedding dress for Catherine Middleton. The brand is another choice when it comes to choosing high-end jeans. A pair of jeans made by Alexander McQueen can never go below $1,000 and can go as high as $2,000.

8. Dolce and Gabbana

The brand is well known for unconventional design and perfect finish. They are expert in making the faded style jeans and butterfly design and no other brand has been able to deliver the style and beauty that Dolce and Gabbana offers. Their line of jeans can cost up to $1,200, however, the eye-catching design can be worth the money spent.

9. Roberto Cavalli

If it has appeared in the episodes of “Sex and the city”, it has got to be expensive. The brand is very popular among women because of their unique sense of using the jewelry on the denims. The jeans decorated with “rhinestone” can cost $1,200 per pair.

10. 3×1

3×1 is relatively a new brand but has successfully been able to grab the audience with no resistance. NBA superstar LeBron James is one of the regular customers of this brand. The brand offers made to order service wherein the exact measurement of the customer is taken. This service costs at least $1,200

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