Looking to learn a whole new way to eat or just something tasty for dinner tonight? Japanese food just might be the answer. Before you type it into a search engine, stop by the blog(s) of someone who has mastered the art, lives the life, or just has loads of recipes to choose from. There are literally hundreds of blogs to choose from, so don’t get frustrated.

Below, we have gathered the top 50 Japanese food blogs. Written by natives, locals, travelers, and more, they include every kind of Japanese cuisine you could want from appetizer to dessert. There are also options for favorites such as sushi or sake.

Top Japanese Food Blogs

These blogs focus on all aspects of Japanese food.

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Japanese Food

Setsuko Yoshizuka has been the About.com Guide to Japanese food since 2000. A Japanese native, she enjoys sharing her passion for cuisine and includes a Japanese food glossary and recipe box. Must reads of the blog include an introduction to sushi and dessert recipes.

The Japanese Food Report

This blog was launched as a journalistic inquiry into all aspects of Japanese food culture. Explore books, equipment, ingredients, techniques, and much more. One of the most current posts are on two must-try Miso dressings.

Yasuko-san’s Home Cooking

This blogger’s mother prepares traditional Japanese meals and showed her children how. Visit to get the family’s menu of the day and more. Be sure to use the recipe generator located in the right hand column.

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Sushi Otaku

The musings of a sushi fanatic are featured here. Categories include restaurants information, sushi and health, traditions, and others. A recent entry was on genetically modified salmon in sushi.

Just Bento

Practical and fun bento box tips and ideas, healthy bento recipes from Japan, and the world can be found here. Beginners can check out the basics or even get a Get Started Handbook. The latest post is on quinoa with Japanese flavors.

Just Hungry

This blog began in 2003 as a way for Makiko to write about her food obsessions, including those from her native Japan. Sections on the blog include recipes, handbooks, and even a forum. Recommended reads include “100 Japanese Foods to Try”and “The Essential Japanese ingredients.”

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La Fuji Mama

Japan Food Addict

Just One Cookbook

Sushi Otaku

Urban Sake

Little Miss Bento

Remember to use caution when preparing any of the raw fish or foods found in the above top Japanese food blogs. Many have been cooking and blogging for years, and some of the recipes cannot be deviated from at all.

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