Facebook is the biggest social media. We all are having our account on Facebook. We are used to make friends, groups, pages and event. We have many friends on Facebook. If we are having some business then we can take advantage of our friends on Facebook. Every online business is having its Facebook Page. Organization is also having its official pages on Facebook. Even many people are creating his/her page on Facebook. The page creation process on Facebook is very easy but to grow the Facebook page is BIG task for each one of us. The easiest way to grow page is inviting all of our friends on Facebook. We can invite all Facebook Friends to like page in single click.

We may have many friends. Let say we are having 1500 friends on Facebook. We would like to invite all of them to like our page. If we do this process manually then it takes a great amount of time. Again we need to click against all of our friend name which is again a tedious task. So to do this process within two to three minutes, I am writing this post on how to invite all Facebook friends to like page in single click.

Trick to invite all Facebook friends to like page in single click

  1. There is one Google Chrome extension available by which you can invite all Facebook friends to like page in single click. To do so, you need to install that extension first. So go to Google Chrome Store.
  2. In Google Chrome Store, search for the extension Invite All Friends on Facebook. This is the best extension which will help you to invite all Facebook friends to like page in single click. So install this extension in your Google Chrome Browser.
  3. Once you have installed this extension successfully, you will see its icon of the right side of your search bar.
  4. Now you need to go to Facebook.com. In Facebook, search your page on which you want to invite all Facebook friends to like page in single click. Once you find your desired page then open that page. In my case the desired page is the page of RahulDigital. So I am opening that page. You should open your page.
  5. Once you open your page then go to invite friends to like this page.
  6. Once you click on it, the following screen will appear.
  7. Now at this step, we will use our extension. To use extension, you just need to click on the icon once.
  8. Once you click on that icon, the extension will start working. It will start inviting all your friends. This process will take two to three minutes.
  9. Once it is done with inviting all your friends, it will show the following message. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback to this extension.

There are many ways by which you can invite all your friends but all those ways are not safe. One of the good ways is the usage of script for this purpose. Again it will take some time and you should have some technical knowledge for that. But this method is very easy for any layman person. Invite all is Google Chrome Extension which will allow you to invite all your Facebook friends to like page in single click. This is a great extension and save lots of time.

If you have still not like our Facebook page then like it NOW from here. If you like this post then do share it with your friends and help them to save their time. If you are using any other method for this purpose then let me know via comments.

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