How To Interlink Your Blog Articles To Increase Traffic

Interlinking is connecting one post to other posts with the help of anchor text. When I come across various blogs I do find that some of the blog lacks interlinking as the respective webmasters of those blogs are not aware about the benefits of Internal linking in terms of SEO. Search Engines use “crawlers” or “spiders” to crawl the web to follow specified links and indexing them on search results page. If you make sure that your site is well linked from one to other then your webpages will get crawled fast and easily gets indexed on Search engine results page. This blog post shows you how to interlink your blogpost in the right way to bring more traffic.

Why should You Interlink Your Blogpost?

You should definitely consider interlinking your blog posts to rank well on search engines. You can definitely attract massive traffic from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.,

You should also use your main targeted keywords as anchor text to link your blog post. This kind of interlinking with your anchor text helps to boost your SEO traffic for your targeted keywords.

Your pageviews will get increased. Increased numbers of pageviews definitely help toreduce your bounce rate.

As search engine spiders or crawlers loves only fresh content. So, whenever you write a new blogpost you should interlink them to your old content with right keywords so you can definitely make spiders to crawl each and every webpage even your old webpage so you will be gaining search engine traffic in long run.

How To Interlink Your Blogpost Effectively

Tip 1 : Linking in the Beginning of the Article

Always the links which is in the beginning of the article attract more search visibility to a greater extent. In order to gain more search visibility make sure that you focus to place your link in above the fold area (i.e) place your links connecting right keywords to the main content area which the user can see right away after entering your blog without scrolling below.

Tip 2: Interlink to unique post in your blogpost

You must make sure that you interlink your old post only once. For example, You have written a new blogpost now you interlink this blog post with your old posts .You should make sure that all your old post which you have interlinked for your new post is unique.

Tip 3: Use Plugins for Interlinking

There are many best internal linking plugins for wordpress such as Intext SEO, smart SEO plugins etc so you can make use of such wonderful interlinking plugins which makes linking automatic. These interlinking plugins also saves your time a lot.

Tip 4: Use Related blogpost Plugin

The easiest method to interlink your blogpost is by making use of related blogpost plugin. This plugin makes the work easier to link your blog post with the related old blog post. Just download and add this related blogpost plugin so that your interlinking work is made very simple. Also this plugin interlinks your blogpost with attractive thumbnails.

Tip 5 : Do not Overdo It

If you post too many links in your blogpost then it might look very spammy. Sometimes over linking might distract readers. So, make sure that you do this interlinking only in a limited number.

Over To You

Hope I have discussed important points to interlink your blogpost . Try incorporating the above strategies and do find the difference in terms of search engine traffic.

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